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Thursday, April 1, 2010

My favorite stamps

This is my favorite:

Its a stamp that looks like money! I love money!

Look at the green etching type printing opn the stamps. it looks very much like money. Not the new colorfull mony, but the old stuff that was good. the ink even feels like money! It's like putting money on a letter to mail it! The numbers on the bottom are sneaky. Can you tell what they are? They are checkS! those are the futuristic numbers tbanks put on checks so you know the check is real and not a fake check that bounces. Well mosts checks bounces nowadays because the banks lost all their money because they are stupid and now we have to pay. The best part are the coins.

There are four old coinds on the stamps and they are all good coins! the one on the bottom of the right stamp I don't know what it is. it looks likes a gold coin and I don't have any of them because they are expensice. It is the back of the coin ans who looks at the backs really. The other thee I know!

The one above the gold coin is a 1875 Seated Liberty Quearter. It is a pretty coin it has a lady who sits! These qwarters are made of silver not aluminium and stuff like now. The one next to it is a penny. It is called an indian head penny because they lady on it is wearing a feather head dress like indians (indians is not the preferred nomenclature, native americans please) with a crown that says LIBERTY but the indian thing stuck but I like the coins. They are made of real copper not the plastic ones that melt like today. put a new penny on the burner of your stove and it will melt like bluuuuh! (do not do this or becareful you could burn) (its funny though)( My favorite coin is below that! It is a MORGAN SILVER DOLLAR and is named after the man who created it who was related to JP Morgan who had lots of money I think. It is the BEST COIN because it is big and has lots of valualble silver and has lady Liberty on it and

Oh God...

Why am I doing this.


I've spent all day making fun of stamps. I spent a lot of money on stamps when I was a kid and missed out of a lot of 1984 and 1985 baseball cards and now I'm just bitter so I'm being stupid on my blog and making fun of a perfectly reasonable hobby. Because I was spending my money on these stamps, I didn't buy any '84 Donruss with Mattingly rookies or 1985 Topps full of Clemens and McGwires and now I'm being bitchy about it. I'm sorry.


But now I realize just how foolish I've been. All these years wasted. But it will all change from here on out. Because now I finally realize that I am...

A Numismatist

Oh Lady Liberty, how I love you so.........


Play at the Plate said...

That does it...I'm scanning and posting my Silver Dollar too.

Todd Uncommon said...

She is purdy, but, I love the Peace Dollar lady moar.

I think she is hawt.

Plus, it's liek a peace dollar, man, so it's like it predicted the 1960s like forty-five years befoar!