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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Stamp Album of Total Kickassery

This is my case full of stamps and coins! It has soemthing cool in it!

THIS IS THE BEST STAMP ALBUM! it has ones that doesn't fit in the other albums I have because they are different and unique.

Look inside!

Look at these stamps! They all have overprints on them! I don't know why I got obsessed with overpritns maybe I am weird!

This stamp is from NEW ZEALAND! that's on the other side of the world if I drops hot plutonium on the ground and it burnd through the earth it would eventually hit new zealand or at least near there. New Zealand is where THE LORD OF THE RINGS is from!

These are stamps.... WITH STAMPS ON THEM! Madness! there is also a popcorn card for some raison.

ZOMG HITLAR! Who would have stamps with Hitler on them? Germany, silly! before they lost and were sorry and make Volkswagens and Octoberfest Beer and Kraftwerk to make up for being bad. Why do I have stamps of hitler he is bad? I was a strange little boy i thouht they would be worth money because noone else had them. I cant sell these on ebay now because France will sue me.

this is junk page i need t put those stamps away. Ther is a wahsingtom and a Franklin. Geroges says PHILLIPENES!

The AWESOME PAGE! I have all these sorted carfully and marked with catalogue numbers for later. These are good stamps!

Last ones! This is a big stamp! That is a Post Office stamp because the post office needs big ones to show they are the post office. The IRS has a bell with is big bot not as big as the post office! No one collects tax forms do they!



dogfacedgremlin said...

If Kraftwerk and Oktoberfest Beer are bad, I don't want to be good.

Anonymous said...

don't gets sued by france. if this blog FAILS, i wo'nt never read another blog evar again. fo realz!!!11!!1!!1!!

JD's Daddy said...

You have the day off work or something? :) Thank god it's not groundhogs day!

Anonymous said...

As a person who deals in stamps, I find this highly offensive.

I say good day to you sir. Good DAY.

Anonymous said...

Hitler Stamps and lots of other nazi stuff are being sold on ebay every day, Ive seen nazi military stamps as well