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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random Current Brave #2


 If this guy could just get half of Derek "Lucky Bastige" Lowe's run support, he would win 30 games. That being said, the Braves will actually score negative runs for JJ tonight, when Chipper has a senior moment and hits a two run homer while the Cubs are at bat.

Two things I noticed about the back. 1) I have never ever heard of Nate Andrews before. The man was an all-star! 2) I hate hate hate the cheap crappy ToppsTown code 3D ink they are using for serial numbers this year. That stuff will flake off within 20 years, mark my words. Foil stamping or bust!

Update: SEE?!?! Lowe gives up three in the first and he cruises to a win! JJ pitches five innings, ZERO earned runs and Moylan vultures the win! It's not fair! Thank Gawd for Chippah.


Roy said...

I'm a bigggg Jair fan. I like to follow Dutch(ish) players, and so far only him and Vanden Hurk have really made a name for themselves. Shairon Martis needs a team to give him a shot.

madding said...

Lame... I finally bought into Jurrjens this year and drafted him.

Don said...

If there is an English teacher (or editor) reading the back of the card they are probably banging their head against a desk. Nice typo Topps.