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Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Current Brave #4

Ahhhh... back at home again. Normal game times once more. Oh before I forget:

Free those Finest! You have no idea how much better those cards look without that crummy scratched up wordy film all over them. Now for the good stuff.

Kris Medlen could probably be in the starting rotation for half the teams in the league. He'll probably get a shot eventually this year as the Braves unofficial 6th starter Jo Jo Reyes, just got stuck on the 15 Day DL after blowing up a few days ago. Kris has some great stuff, but I'm worried the Braves are going to Mercker him since he's so valuable in the pen. The guy sure can pitch but I still am iffy about his cap choices...

This is from some Bowman set. I can't even tell them apart anymore. Now that Topps has the Pro Debut minors license they need to dump this crap in the ocean like the '52 High Numbers.

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