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Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Vintage Brave #4

I've had my fantasy vintage shopping spree, now for a dose of cold hard reality.


I don't know what the hell happened to these things but I bought a whole mess of 'em in the '80s that all looked like this. 80% of the front was washed out, all four corners stapled or something, round corners, dirty, a mess. And out of all of them I got this was the only Brave. I'm not sure if I was too young to grok that Boston - Natl meant the Braves back then or if they stunk so bad I just didn't care. Anyway, Ginger Beumont was the only Brave I got gtom back then and the big crease in the center you see was created by me when I had a mishap with the scanner last year  while getting an image for another post. Whoops. I think it might have gone up a grade though so no worries.

Two things I noticed about the back when comparing them to a 2009 Topps206 Piedmont back. Besides squishing the shield a bit to fit in the legalese and replacing "Cigarette" with "Brand", whoever drew the thing got lazy and didn't do the shadow effect. I'll have to doublecheck a 2002 T206 and see if they did it there too. Also the original is just slightly larger than the newfangled ones. Only by less than a millimeter or so but it's noticable. I wonder if the 2002 minis have this problem? Dammit now I'm going to have to do another post. There are rumors of a 2010 Topps206 set being prioduced for no goddamn reason so there's another back to scrutinize. Fix your backs, Topps! And Bring back Topps Total! I know you're out there, you're following my Tweets!


Play at the Plate said...

That is stunning.

Tunguska said...

I would be disappointed if a 2010 T-206 came out. The whole point behind an "anniversary" set is that it celebrates a particular year.

I get that the T-206 cards were released as a "set" from 1909-1911, and if Topps want to commemorate the entire release then the 2010 version better be something unique and not just a rehash of last years set. Keep the minis the same for continuity sake but make the base set completely different.

Oh yeah, SWEET card dayf!!