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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Luscious Luke


It's not as clever as Night Owl's Peeps, (and it appears that gcrl beat me to the punch anyway) but Luke is more luscious than neon sugar encrusted marshmallows. Here's the back.

1953 Topps is my favorite set. You'll be seeing a lot more of these but I'll explain later. I want to be lazy on an Easter Morning. Here's some relevant stats though:

Card #2
Luke Easter
Cleveland Indians 
1st base
  • Played 6 seasons in the majors - all with the Indians.
  • Played in the Negro Leagues - Cincinnati Crescents and Homestead Greys
  • Was a star in the Minor Leagues after his career in the majors was over.
  • Hit the longest home run in Municipal Stadium history.
This is one of the first '53 Topps cards I owned and still one of my favorites. I'd love to have a baseball game with Luke Easter on the roster just to bash some huge Luscious homers. Enjoy the holiday everyone!


night owl said...

I've got to stop screwing around and get a '53 card already.

Cardboard Icons said...

What, you don't have Card No. 1? :)


dayf said...

Nope, I passed on that card when I was in high school and have never come close to finding one I could afford again.