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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Important Message

From Andy at Baseball-Reference.com:

The Baseball-Reference.com Blog has a new weekly feature covering baseball cards:

Click on that link to call up the relevant posts.
We would like to feature some of the excellent card blogs out there. If you would like to participate, please email me at 88topps at Gmail dot com to direct me to one or two posts on your blog that you would like to have highlighted. It doesn't matter if they are recent or old, but they must contain scans of the front and back of a card that can be used on our blog (minimum size 400 pixels by 285 pixels.) If I choose to use your scans as the basis of a post, I will credit your blog by name and also include a writeup about (plus link to) your original source post. In return, I ask that on your blog you include either a link or a post for the Baseball-Reference.com blog located at baseball-reference.com/blog (not a link for just the main Baseball-Reference.com site.)

We currently get about 40,000 page views per week and would love to send some traffic your way. Please pick out a couple of your favorite posts and send them my way!

I checked it out, 's good. As good as this card what I pulled from my draft folder to attract attention to this post for people who clink on links in their RSS feed based on the thumbnail image. 

No really, 's good. Check it out.


DaveH said...

Does the "God of Batting" bat right-handed or left-handed? Seems to be looking at the pitcher from a right-handed stance, but check out that left hand. I guess you can hold the bat however you darn well please when you are the "God of Batting."

PunkRockPaint said...

"We currently get about 40,000 page views per week"

Yeah, but half of them are from me, and I already read your blog. So don't expect a big spike in readership... ;)

I wonder if they would be interested in LOST cards?