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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tournament of Gimmicks - FINAL FOUR - Semifinals

National Semi-Final #1
#1 2008 Topps #FS1 Kazuo Uzuki
#4 2007 Topps #40 Jeter/Bush/Mantle
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National Semi-Final #2
#3 "Franken-Cuts"
#1 2008/09 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy
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The Champions:

Burdick Region:
2008 Topps Kazuo Uzuki

Beckett Region:

Berger Region:
Yankee Tedium Lunacy

Olbermann Region:
2007 Topps Derek Jeter

Voooooooote!!!!1 Do it noooooow!

1 comment:

Todd Uncommon said...

Does anyone know if there's ever been an Al Franken cut signature autograph card produced?

That would make it a Franken-Franken.