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Friday, April 9, 2010

Updated 2010 Blaster League Roster

Ok,  here's the updated updated list of people who have their teams ready.

I've abandoned the 20 team limit. If you do a rip and a post you're in and I'll sort out the logistics later. If you're not on the list yet and you've created a team, leave links to your team in the comments. If you don't have a blog to post the team to, leave details in the comments or e-mail them to me and I'll post it here. Deadline is April 18th!

I have prize cards in my hands from two contestants. I'll post them later this week.  For now, the teams will be divided into the 'free' version of the game and the 'playing for keeps' version. More details on the prize pool will be posted later.

Playing for prizes:

Thorzul - Rip and Team post.

Mmosley - Rip and Team post.

Playing for fun:

McCann Can Triple - Rip post - Team post.

Jeffrey Wolfe - Rip post - Team Post.

HamRamMobTown - Rip post - Team post.

Play at the Plate - Rip and Team post.

Punk Rock Paint - Rip and Team post.

DogFacedGremlin - Rip and Team post.

CynicalBuddha - Rip and Team post.

Lake Effect Cards - Rip and Team post.

Chris Mays - Rip post - Team post.

Madding - Rip Post - Team post.

ZMan - Rip post - Team post.

Jay - Rip post - Team Post.

Wax Wombat - Rip and Team post.

Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius - Rip post -Team post.

Don - Rip post (images) - Team post.

Ike's Cards - Rip post - Team post.

DavidJ - Rip Post - Team post.

Zpop - Rip post - Team post.

Tunguska - Rip post  - Team post.

Chris L. - Rip and Team post.

Cardsplitter - Rip post - Team post.

Me - Rip post - Team post.

Not quite there yet:

Phungo - Rip post


Cardsplitter said...

Sweet. Divisions.

Todd Uncommon said...

I am behind.

However, I has a Hurtage blaster.

I'm gonna rip.

I'm gonna play, kplzthx!

dayf said...

You can has lineup!

hamrammobtown said...

Did you want donations for the winner's prize?

dayf said...

I'm going to do a prize donation post soon. Details forthcoming.

McCann Can Triple said...

Should the bottom loser get a "prize" as well? Such as all the stiff gum packs everyone gets

Anonymous said...

I hope not, I already used all my stiff gum to repair my gutters.

IkesCards said...

Here's Isaac Roster - the
St. Louis "I Have A Lot of First Basemen"

Cardsplitter said...


Rock that. The San Toy Legends, champions of the 10THBL,er Eastern Division?

Zpop said...

I'm in.


Don said...

I has opened and posted a team. Call me the fighting farmers.


Photos coming soon.

Matt F. said...

Hi dayf,

Here is my rip: http://heartbreakingcards.blogspot.com/2010/04/my-team-for-dayfs-2010-heritage-fantasy.html

and my team: