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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A totally inappropriate card for today

For some reason I just felt like posting a Garbage Pail Kid. Not sure why I chose this one.

Remember kiddos - DO CARDS, NOT DRUGS.

And send me a scan of the wrapper with that slogan on the back because I've been looking for it for over five years and I still haven't found it.


TJ said...

Someone should make some custom Garbage Pail Kids cards with references that fit the modern times. I'm thinking "Meth Beth" or something. Do kids still do the meth?

Anonymous said...

Nice post on 4/20 at 4:20. LOL

Thorzul said...

Totally had that card as a child, totally didn't get the double meaning until much later.

Was the variation of that card named Thick Vic?

dayf said...

I think Sean's brother was named Thick Vic, but I'll have to check my cards to confirm. My aunt had a fit when she first saw this card when I was a kid. "That kid's smoking a joint!!!" "Naw, it's just a cigarette" "Oh no it's not, it says he's STONED right there!! What kind of cards are these?!" The perfect intended ZOMG adult reaction to these things.

TJ - Sadly the kids still do the meth nowadays. That's why I'm trying to steer them towards collecting cards instead so they can really screw up their lives.

ernest of canada said...

yep, i'm about to enter a kind of 12-step program to help me get my life back together and less dependent on cards. the hardest part is finding anyone who has actually recovered to the point of being able to become a sponsor.