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Friday, June 24, 2011

Bowman Beaters - Cincinnati Redlegs

Even More Uggla Bowman Cards. When I blow out a series of posts, I really blow. These two are from the Cincinnati Redlegs. Because in the '50s you couldn't just call yourself the same name you had since the 1860s because someone might mistake a baseball team for the Soviet Russian Army.

You might think Andy Seminick is doing the standard "Catcher ripping his mask off to catch a pop-up" baseball card pose, but actually Senator Joe McCarthy is pointing a shotgun at poor Andy and demanding he recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Andy recited it almost perfectly, but forgot the "Under God" line that was added in 1954. The Cincinnati brass, not wanting to be associated with anyone who might be considered UnAmerican, traded Seminick to the Phillies in April of '55. Because, really, the Phillies don't care. That entire organization is just filled up with commies, hippies, Democrats and other unpatriotic reprobates. I mean, Chase Utley. Perfect example.

Joe Nuxhall is not a known communist (And neither is Andy Semenick, I made all that crap up*), he's one of the most beloved players in Reds history. And also the poster child for why high schoolers should not be playing major league baseball. A damn good broadcaster too, from what I understand. The front of this card is just about perfect (or perfect for a beat up old card that is), The only reason this was in the quarter stack was a little bit of paper loss on the back. Hooray for paper loss!

*Chase Utley I'm not too sure about.