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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Joy of a Completed Series

Taking the Joy of a Complete Page theme to the next level tonight. One of the collecting epiphanies I've had recently is that while trying to complete a set that is older than I am is an enormously daunting task, attempting to build a complete series from the same set is far more manageable and less intimidating. Back before Topps went to a single 660 card set that was released all at once in 1974, Topps sold their cards in multiple series throughout the year. Each series was usually between 66 and 132 cards in size and would be released steadily as the season progressed. The set would consist of about 6 or 7 series and inevitably one or two would end up harder to find than the rest because they didn't sell very well or was released very early or very late in the year when demand wasn't high. Anyone who has tried to track down a scarce high numbered card for their team set knows how big of a pain these cards can be. Set collectors - especially of sets with ridiculously tough high numbers like 1952, 1961 and 1972 Topps - can pretty much forget about it when commons in the high series are pricier than Hall of Famers in the low series. But the low series... well those cards can be downright easy to find.

Once I came to the realization that a set collector did not necessarily have to collect the entire set, I decided on a plan of action. Step 1: get together wantlists for every Topps set of the Vintage Series Era. Step 2: break the wantlists down by series for each year. Step 3: Figure out which of the card series I was closest to finishing. Step 4: pick out three of  the ones where I was close and focus on completing those series. The three I picked out were from two of my favorite sets: 1965 Topps Series 1, 1972 Topps Series 1 and 1972 Topps Series 2. I would have also picked a series from 1960 Topps, but I do not yet have at least 50% of any series in that set, which was one of the guidelines I placed on myself. 1960 Topps Series 1 is dang close though and I'll probably add that to the binder soon. actually I just realized that if I include the cards in my Braves team set I have about 55% of 1960 Series 1 so it's going in the binder. The binder now has a little more the same amount of room in it now, because with the acquisition of a 1972 Denny McLain card, my '72 Topps Series 2 series is complete. Out of the unfinished binder and into the completed binder with a brief detour through my scanner. If your fondest wish has always been to see a completed series of 1972 Topps, well guess what chief? You can die happy now!

Behold: 1972 Topps Series Two #133-264

Eagle eyed vintage freaks may have noticed a couple of very strange printing errors in there. A couple of you may have gotten overly excited upon seeing them. Note that they are 1) not for trade period and 2) I will gladly scan them for you at whatever resolution you want if you wish. I got those weirdos back in the mid-eighties in some common bricks back when they were worthless printing errors and not worthless rare printing errors and I have a soft spot for the weirdos.

If you've read this far please choose what will be the 4th series to go in the series binder by voting at the poll up top. Choose as many sets as you wish. I've got my own favorites but I wouldn't mind some input from the readers.


night owl said...

As a '72 collector myself, I've got to say those are beautiful all together like that. I think I have most of those, but I need to get a binder for my '72's to figure out stuff like that for sure.

I'm not totally against the "complete a Series" technique, but I don't think it's for me. I don't want to be restricted to one series. I want to gather cards willie-nillie.

Captain Canuck said...

did I just hear you say that a set collector does not necessarily have to collect the set????


Mets88 said...

These cards are beautiful.

Don said...

Those cards look good together. I think I may follow your method for completing my older sets when I finish out my junk wax sets.

Slangon said...

You gotta love the pre-stache Rollie. Kudos on a series well collected,

Anonymous said...

I love '72. I did it with OPC, which was kind enough not to bother with the high series. The whole thing stops at #525.

Which are the print errors? The ones with the backs of the other card imprinted on the front? I've never seen that before.