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Friday, June 24, 2011

Bowman Beaters - Cleveland Indians

 More Ugly Bowmans for your viewing pleasure. If you need some eye bleach, I'm sure there's twenty posts about Topps Series Two over on the sidebar. Now let's look at some Indians.

Hall of Famer Early Wynn for a quarter! This is an odd picture. Early looks like he's scrunching down in order to fit in the tiny TV screen. There weren't no 90 inch plasma screens in the '50s folks, these suckers were actual size.

Outfielder Dave Pope was the other Indian I picked up. Dave is not as scrunched up as Early, but is a fellow Alabamanian. Alabamaninin. Albanian Bananarama. A fellow guy from Alabama. These pics were taken in the same stadium as the Res Sox cards I showed off earlier. Even better there are tiny little people in the background of both pictures. I like the tiny little people, especially the ones cowering under Early Wynn's gigantic hulking form.


The Lost Collector said...

These are awesome cards because you can see the gloves so well. I love looking at the old gloves.

Anonymous said...

I love the '55 Bowman set. Just such a great period piece. I have a Mays from that set that is in sorry shape, but wouldn't part with for anything close to its mint value.

Sadly, Bowman cropped out Willie's glove.