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Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Vintage Show Top Ten #2

Two to go in the top 10 vintage countdown. This one is pretty self-explanatory.

1972 Topps # 309 Roberto Clemente

Just a player tossing a ball around at the ballpark.

There were a few beat up superstar vintage cards I thought about getting. Once was a 1960 Topps Ernie Banks that was kind of painful to put back. I couldn't pass up on Clemente in the '72 set though. If this one is #2, can ya imagine what the #1 card could be?


Alvin said...

How did Clemente not get a card number ending in "0" or "5"?

night owl said...

Alvin: That happened a lot with the '72 set because most of the stars in the set also had an "In-action" card that appeared immediately after the base card of the player.


#309 - Clemente
#310 - Clemente, in action.

(The in-action Clemente, btw, is a unflattering photo of Clemente apparently pissed about a strike call).

1967ers said...

There are only a few cards in any given set that are just perfect. That one is one of them.