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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Card Show Top 20 - #2 Shenanigans Were Called

Ok, this one turned out to be a big mistake. When I made up the Top 20 list I was really excited about this card but four months later I'm pretty meh about it. It's a nice card, and a good story, but... honestly I like the Robin card with the crazy Joker puzzle on the back better. And the Rico Carty advertising vehicle. And the Chief Knock-A-Homa team issue. Just stick this one at #20 and bump everything else up one spot and we're good.. So what is the 'good at first but boring the next day' card anyway? It's basically Mojo.

Yay, an autograph of Brewers desperately-trying-to-remain-a-top-prospect Mat Gamel. It's even got a swatch of what is probably a Futures Game jersey on it. It's nice enough I guess, It's a sticker auto but it's framed which always makes the dreaded stickers look better. The relic is shaped like a stamp on a ticket stub, which is weird but attractive. The picture's small and kind of crummy. There's random foil on the sides which is breaking up in spots. It's an ok autogamer. Here's the back.

Bluh, Ticket to Stardom. What a worthless freaking set. Topps refuses to do Topps Total or Bowman Heritage, but that horsepuckey sees the light of day. Useless. Sharp eyed readers have noticed that the card says "Dual Autographed Relic". So where's the Dual? Here it is:

Princess Fielder. Mr. "Imma lean in and stick my fat ass out in front of the plate and then whine to high Heaven when I inevitably get plunked by a ball that was over the plate". I used to like Prince until he pulled that crap in a series against the Braves. Now I hope he signs with the Yankees next year so I can boo him even more lustily. Same deal as before, tiny picture where you can't see his eyes, sloppy framed stickergraph, a bat swatch instead of a jersey, dumb foil that looks like it's flaking off on the right. Oh, there's a serial number this time, 11/39.

Wait a sec... if I showed you the front and back already... then what is this witchery? A card with three sides? Four, actually.

Yay, a book card. This is my first book card. It's nice looking I guess. The spine of the book is basically the front bit of the card which is the thickness of a normal card and looks a bit fragile. I have no idea how some of those huge MegaBook cards are going to hold together with 6 or 8 panels. I have a feeling that 100 years from now halves or thirds or quarters of book cards will be as common as the T202 Triple Folder cards that have been separated into three cards. Maybe the high end books get better binding agents than crummy Ticket to Stardom. The whole back (outside? cover?) shows more of the ticket motif.

Other than the stupid foil barcode the thing looks pretty good. It would look great displayed, but I have no idea how to do that without wrecking the card. So where did I pick up my first (and maybe last) book card? Remember the dollar box from Dimension X with all the weird crap in it? Yep, it was in there. It shouldn't have been, but it was. I asked the seller if this was supposed to be in a dollar box and he said "No, but you can have it". He only asked that I showed him where I found it to make sure nothing else out of sorts migrated to the dollar box. I showed it off later on to Stale Gum's Chris Harris and everyone around called bullshit that this card came out of a dollar box. Well it did. One of the more ridiculous pulls out of a dollar box you will ever see. And now I am completely apathetic towards the thing. Man, I'm a terrible collector.

It's really not a bad little card. It just needs a little love. Which I ain't giving it unless the Braves sign Prince Lardass to play first next year. Probably not even then. Why waste money on a pre-Madonna instead of letting Freddie Freeman develop? Maybe I can use this to bribe Thorzul into letting me cut in line ahead of Chris Mays for the Braves in his next El Cheapo group break...

The Top 20 List:

#20 Reds' Heavy Artillery
#19 Blue MadDog
#18 Lil' Jimmy
#17 Real Fake '52
#16 First Topps
#15 Bogus Boog
#14 V103 Tree
#13 Sertoma Rico
#12 '55 Finishers
#11 Hey Shiny
#10 What the Dickens
#9 '60 Spahnnie
#8 Lonely '53
#7 Super Chief
#6 Original Frank
#5 Hoops Inspiration
#4 Rocket Robin
#3 Wizard Off Kilter
#2 Shenanigans Were Called
#1 The Holy Grail of Commons

OMG! We're almost done!!!


Greg Zakwin said...

Well....I love Ticket to Stardom relics and autos.

I remember the video on Stale Gum. A great find, no matter the apathy you now feel towards the card.

night owl said...

Sabathia and Fielder on the same team?

A bunt along the first base line may cause tidal waves.

madding said...

Pretty much sums up my feelings about the Brewers these days.

Thorzul said...

A Charlie Brown reference and a Mulholland Drive reference on the same post?

Well done, sir.