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Friday, June 24, 2011

Bowman Beaters - Boston Red Sox

Gonna try to blow the beaters out pretty quick. Don't have a lot of time to post right now so some eye candy is the way to go. Except these cards aren't really candy, they're more like eye Limburger cheese or pickled herring. Good, but an acquired taste. Here are the two Red Sox cards I snagged from the quarter box.

Pitcher Tom Brewer here. I'm digging the scoreboard in the background. Anyone know what stadium this is? The interesting part of this card is the bit that is stuck onto the top right corner. The bottom bit folds back to show that the card that it came from is actually 1955 Topps and not Bowman.

Outfielder Sam Mele is in a little better shape,  it just has a water mark instead of paper glues to its top corner. I like the flag in the background. This photo was taken in the same stadium as Brewer's card and if you put them side by side it looks like one big panoramic photo. With all the old cards I've looked at over the years you'd think I could pick out individual stadiums by now...

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Don said...

I think that is Shribe park in Philly. If memory serves me correct most of the Bowman photos were taken in Philly, due to that being the location of Bowman and the convenient fact of Philly having an AL and an NL team.