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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Michael O'Keeffe interview

You might have seen this already, but Gelf Magazine has an interview with Michael O'Keeffe, author of The Card, posted up on their site. The book is a great look inside all the shenanigans going on in hobby circles and a history of the somewhat forgotten man who is actually pictured on the card. I feel somewhat obligated to promote it since I read most of it for free while hanging out at Barnes & Nobles waiting to buy my copy of Harry Potter.

The interview is particularly interesting if just for the apparent level of disdain the author of the book has for its subject matter. O'Keeffe and other authors will be discussing their books tonight in New York if you happen to be around. It might be worth it just to see if he snaps and shouts to any collectors in the audience "You fools! This is all a bunch of worthless crap! Why don't you people do something with your lives!"

If you want to read about a person who actually likes baseball cards, make sure you check out Gelf's interview with Donovan Ryan, the man behind billripken.com. Warning: reading that interview will give you an irrational urge to go through all your 1989 cards looking for filth.


Anonymous said...

billripken.com is fantastic. What a card!!

Anonymous said...

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments on this card or similar adult errors. Happy Hunting !