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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Trevor Hoffman

What the HELL is going on with Hall of Fame pitchers completely blowing up with the season on the line? I'll admit I had a hearty laugh at Tom Glavine's misfortune, but this... this was just horrifying. Who's next? Clemens? Schilling? Mariano? It ain't Maddux 'cause his game one start just went up in smoke. Nice to see Helton finally get in the playoffs. I wish he had gotten the winning hit though, now I have to dig through a set to find a card of Jamey Carroll to post.

That's the way the playoffs go. Trevor Hoffman will be inducted into the Hall of Fame one day, but that sure doesn't matter today. Jamey Carroll joins a different club, in some ways a more elite one. His brothers include Bobby Thompson, Francisco Cabrera, Bucky F-ing Dent, Enos Slaughter, Aaron Boone, Edgar Renteria, Joe Carter, Earl McNeely, Bill Mazeroski, Gene Larkin, Yadier Molina, Luis Gonzalez. Meanwhile poor Scott Hairston is this year's Endy Chavez. Thirteen innings capped by a 2-run homer in the top of the thirteenth ruined by a walk off single in the bottom of the inning. And that was just to get into the playoffs. Imagine what the actual playoffs will be like.

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Unknown said...

It is always nice to watch Glavine self destruct. As much as I liked him pre-strike, I've started to detest him. First from the strike, and more lately for leaving the Braves.