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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sticky Saturday - Late but profitable Edition

I had to brave the jungles of Sumatra, fight off herds of rabid wildebeest, swim the length of the Amazon and stand in line at the DMV, but I was finally able to track down another set of the '86 fleer minis.

Ok, so I actually just went to the flea market while it was raining, but the point is I found it. The guy who had the large pile of '86 Fleer mini sets was back yesterday and still had a few left. He let me look through them and I found this one with the elusive Rangers sticker. Here's the list of stickers from my second box:

Blue Jays
Red Sox
Twins again

The odd thing is that of the four I looked through, 2 had the star stickers and 2 had the stripes. This box, like the last one I bought, also had only 17 stickers instead of 18. So either major shenanigans are going on with the boxes this guy had, or Fleer put out both types of stickers in 1986. Luckily, I got a Mariners sticker in the box.

The Mariners logo matched the one in the other 1986 box. This helps support the theory that Fleer put out both types of stickers in '86. At any rate, I found the lone sticker Fleerfan needs for his star set. It's all yours if you still need it so e-mail me if I don't e-mail you first. It's not a Sticky Saturday post without a Braves sticker so here ya go.

For next week, I can either post a sticker from the 70's or open up an update set to see what stickers lurk within. Vote if you have a preference.

1 comment:

Fleerfan said...

Thanks for tracking down the elusive Rangers sticker I've been looking for!

Next Saturday, I'd say go with the update set. I'd like to see if you can find any more variations like you did with the Mariners!