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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Catching Up - Randomness from Matt P.

Matt P. (I know he has a blog, but I can't for the life of me think of what it is) sent me this package out of the blue yesterday. Included were cards from my wantlists and "some Braves, ex-Brewer fatties, and an old Topps Ad card that will surely help w/ your holiday shopping". This was sent without expectation of reciprocation, but some Brewer inserts, junk relics or any old crap that might be entertaining would be appreciated. Thorzul wiped me out of Brewer relics, but I did find some weird Brewers, an Old Milwaukee card and a Not-KISS card to send his way. Here are some highlights from the package:

1952 Topps Solly Hemus

I just posted those '50s wantlists so I could have them online for reference, I didn't expect to actually GET any of them. '52 is not my favorite set, but the nice close up shot of Solly and the Cardinals see-saw logo are joy inducing.

Press Pass really shiny holographic plastic KISS insert

I never got into KISS, but a friend of mine did. I think he dressed up in the cat face makeup one Halloween. This card is pretty cool for an insert from a trading card set about a band I don't particularly care for.

2009 Tim Lincecum

Look into that face and tell me that you were truly surprised that Lincy smoked the wacky tobbacky. Tim was part of a nice chunk of Heritage including a Flashback card of Luis Aparicio celebrating Bill Veeck's putting player names on the back of jerseys.

Topps Company Store

I. Want. A. Puffy. Logo. Topps. Sweatshirt. I'll even squeeze into an XL if I have to.

1992 Topps Kids Otis My Man Nixon

This set is awesome. It didn't sell then, and it wouldn't sell now, but the world is a better place because this set exists.

1993 Action Packed Lew Burdette

I really just need to go on eBay and find a complete set of this stuff. This is one of the top "Legends" type sets ever produced.

'94 Flair USA Basketball Dominique Wilkins

'Nique is Magnifique.

2007 Upper Deck Matt Stairs

Here's one of the aforementioned ex-Brewer fatties. The other two were Jorge Julio and Big "Howard Taft reincarnated" Wickman.

Nice stuff from Matt, hopefully I can get my act together and send out his package (flat bubble mailer so as to fit in a mail slot) out tomorrow. Thanks Matt!

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beardy said...

More trade partners need to send out '52 Topps cards.

Nice haul!