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Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Topps206 Short Print Varataion Checklist and Gallery

As a away to assist in identifying Short Print mini cards, here's a list of the Short Print variation cards in 2009 Topps206. As I obtain images of the cards I'll post them here for reference. The base size cards are easy to spot, check the back for one that looks like this:

The mini variations are stealth other than the white card stock and this will hopefully be a useful reference to any completist or player collector out there.

So far, if the image is on this post it means I have the card in hand. If any bloggers out there have any Short Print images they are willing to donate to the gallery, let me know and I'll post it along with a link to your blog.

Short print list lovingly stolen from Trader Crack.

Short Print Variations:

1 Ryan Howard
10 Andrew McCutchen
19 Mel Ott
23 Koji Uehara
28 Kenshin Kawakami
36 Jimmie Foxx
41 David Hernandez
44 Michael Bowden
49 Walter Johnson
57 Matt LaPorta
61 Derrek Holland
66 Ty Cobb
71 Dustin Pedroia
72 Rick Porcello
83 Rogers Hornsby
87 Ryan Perry
90 Alex Rodriguez
102 Hanley Ramirez
103 Andrew Bailey
107 Fernando Martinez
113 Tris Speaker
116 Chase Utley
120 Derek Jeter
129 Ichiro
130 Honus Wagner
137 Mark Teixeira
138 Elvis Andrus
142 Evan Longoria
143 Cy Young
154 Mickey Mantle
160 Thurman Munson
171 David Wright
174 Gordon Beckham
175 Manny Ramirez
177 Pee Wee Reese
181 David Price
207 Jackie Robinson
224 Roy Campanella
231 CC Sabathia
234 Grady Sizemore
237 Christy Mathewson
254 Johnny Mize
262 Tommy Hanson
268 Aaron Poreda
271 Lou Gehrig
274 Colby Rasmus
286 Tim Lincecum
287 Babe Ruth
299 Albert Pujols
300 George Sisler

Porcello and Perry courtesy Grand Cards.
Speaker, Pujols, Longoria and Andrus courtesy Project '62.


sruchris said...

I have wiki entry on Topps 206 that includes the list of the NNO SPs along with other cards from this set. Feel free to add the variation minis.

dayf said...

I thought the no number card WAS the variation? Please don't tell me that there are variations of the variatons... I'll have to do some research on this tonight.

Twitch said...

I can get you Hanley and Campanella scans tonight, or tomorrow if I'm too out of it to get back online tonight.

sruchris said...

No my mistake. Dug through the trash today for wrapper. I incorrectly read it. SP Mini is 1:20, SP Mini Gold is 1:159. There's no NNO variation. Sorry about that.

dayf said...

Whew! You had me worried there!

JD's Daddy said...

I STILL have not seen a Cy Young (like the full sized card image you have) mini like the one I pulled posted on Ebay. When I get home tonight I will check the card stock color, but at this point it seems awfully rare.