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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Random Drawing

Ok, it's finally here. Let's recap the winners so far:

White Sox Cards: Grand Prize winner.
Prizes: 2002 Topps Pristine Popular Demand Frank Thomas jersey, 2005 Classic Clippings Frank Thomas jersey, 50 White Sox cards, his entire random pack, and every White Sox card in all the other random packs.

Play at the Plate: Boobie prize winner.
One horrible card I recently received that I will show off in tomorrow's post (he could have had a Teixeira jersey card, but nooooooo), the worst card in every random pack as determined by me, any cards out of the random pack that he might want, and maybe a few Texas Rangers cards just to be nice.

Chuck's Used Cards: Second Chance Random winner.
Prizes: Some weirdness off his want list.

Ok, time for the main event.

Everyone else goes into Random.org according to their place in the final standings.

Now some enterprising soul gets to tell me how many times to click the "Randomize" button. Try to keep it reasonable, folks - and integers only. if I have to click Randomize an imaginary number of times I'll scrap the whole contest and turn this into a comic book blog. So ahead, post a number... I'll wait.

Canuck picks seven.

Step 2:

The results:

Now... to roll the 8 sided die! Muahaha!!!!

Step 3:


Mad Guru, COME ON DOWN!!!

You're the next contestant in $Overly_Complicated_and_Bizarre_Game_Show!

Part 4:

So what the heck does he win? Here's the list of prizes, randomized for maximum absurdity:

You know what's next...

Step 5:


Mad Guru wins an absolutley hideous Mike Piazza jersey card from 2004 Upper Deck Vintage! LUCKY YOU!!!

At least it ain't JD Drew... E-mail me an address and I'll send this along with other random goodies. That's all folks, Hope you enjoyed it!


Captain Canuck said...


Play at the Plate said...

I'll be lookin' forward to that post.

Mad Guru said...

Oh my gosh! I'd like to thank everyone who made this day possible! Thanks very much.