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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Catching up - Stale Gum

I've got no time to write this morning so I'mma make this quick. Chris Harris of Stale Gum fame works out a trade from our wantlists and his package got to me yesterday. His is still sitting on my desk but I swear it'll be in the mail tomorrow. This is the thing that was staring at me when I opened the package:

Oh jeez. What did I do to deserve this. Oh yeah, be a lazy bastard and not get to the post office on Tuesday when I had the time. That's what. Upper Deck's got their heart in the right place, but the floating head checklist really should have been of the Cubs.

Also included: A nice chunk of A&G including badass Hoffman.

The Cardfiff Giant pushes me over 50% complete for the Bamboozle set.

Lookit the mug on Alex Gordon. Alex had a few dozen of his brethren from the '09 Heritage set with him.

Hooray! now I can play a game of Topps Attax as the Braves! Who wants to play? Anyone? Bueller?...

This was on the back of the Mets Monstrosity I showed off up at the top:

My first Rip card! OhmahGAWD! Do I save it and send it off to PSA to be slabbed? Get Pat Neshek to sign it? Kill it with fire? Maybe I should just rip it, whaddya think folks?


madding said...

I wonder if custom die-cut Mets heads are inside...

Shane said...

I don't like the lettering on the Alex Gordon card.

ernest of canada said...

must rip! (in zombie voice)