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Monday, December 7, 2009

First pack of 2009 Topps Heritage High Number Series presented by Topps blah blah blah

Orange and Green? Really?

I had to pick up a pack of this stuff just because it's Heritage, but it's likely the last one for a long time unless I splurge on a Jumbo. The 2008 edition boxes are pretty cheap and I have Topps206 to obsess over. I can wait.

553 David Aardsma

This bum knocked Hank Aaron out as the first name alphabetically of all MLB players. Now when I see blurbs on the front of baseball encyclopedias instead of Aaron to Zisk it reads Aardsma to Zisk. I hate you, David Aardsma.

607 John Mayberry Jr.

Rookie Stars return in the High Series. I wonder if Topps is going to finish up all the coaches and team cards they left out of the low series? I wonder if I'll ever stop being lazy and just look at the checklist?

668 Xavier Paul

According to the cartoon on the back, Xavier was a delinquent in high school.Quit hanging out behind the gym and go to your algebra class you hooligan!

Some Useless Crap

I don't care if this is the only way this set could even exist, it sucks and I hate it.

CHR108 Matt Diaz #900/1960

Since the Braves just spent all their money on a hellacious bullpen, Matty will likely get a lot of time in the field this year.

654 Omar Vizquel

This guy's going to end up playing longer than Julio Franco at this point. Heck, maybe longer than Minnie Minoso...

612 Jose Contreras

I remember when this guys cards were on fire back in '03. Now they're only good for kindling.

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