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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ho Ho Mojo

My entry into Beardy's Ho Ho Holiday contest:

I thought I did pretty well with my creepy deranged bunny eye staring up eternally from a contrived case hit, but there's some pretty fantastic entries I have to compete with over there. Ok, so mine took a little longer to get in the mail, but I had to wrestle that bunny suit away from Schwartz who won it from Ralphie in a card flipping game. And then I had to dry clean the thing twice because there's no telling what Schwartz did with it. So get over there and vote for me!

No one else came up with a weirdo relic card, a terrible pun AND a movie reference that doubles as a 4chan meme. So vote!


Go nominate a bunch of stuff for the Stale Gum Gummie Awards. After you watch Gene Gene the Dancing Machine. Priorities, people.

Also go vote for Drew's 2009 Blog Awards. I'm nominated for some categories, but the only vote I want is for my Bunny Eyeball Relic. Let someone else have the blog glory, but please don't that little bunny be chopped up in vain!

Go vote! Quick! Before Santa comes!

(no I haven't voted yet, but that's because I'm a slackass. DON'T BE LIKE ME. VOTE)


Unknown said...

That's hilarious.

beardy said...

Congratulations, this post worked. You went from having 1 vote this morning, to being the current leader.