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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flea Market Follies - Part 2

I went to the flea market hoping to find the 10 cent '70s box so I could fill out all those want lists I just posted. Sadly, it was not there due to space limitations. There were a couple of common boxes there for me to scrounge through. 2009 cards were 5 cents each, 2008 cards were 3 cents each or 35 for a buck. I spent about five or six bucks on a nice pile of junk cards. here are some of the highlights:

2009 Topps Roy Campanella

This is one of the best cards of the year, and it was tucked into a huge pile of a couple thousand '09 Topps cards. It pays to scrounge, kiddos.

2008 Timelines Joe Mauer

There was about a box worth of Timelines commons and SPs and I was able to nab about 25 off my wantlist. I'm really glad I printed it up before I went now.

2008 Tom Seaver Rookie Cup 50th Anniversary

This is one of those random Topps insert sets that I really want to complete, but don't have the burning desire to do so. Like the World Series Program set and the '09 Turkey Red set and the '51 tribute set and about a dozen other sets.

2009 Topps Magic Paul Williams

I got a big pile of these for less than the cost of a retail pack. I really like all the football retro sets this year, but don't have the money or desire to build any of them. I'm considering doing a retro football Frankenset, however. Magic, Philly, both Mayos and National Chicle all mashed up in a 198 card set. Yes, I've gone insane.

2008 Razor Brett Devall

There was about a pack or two's worth of these in the box and I snagged 'em all just for giggles. Devall is a Braves prospect so I'm happy with that one.

2008 Chrome Curtis Granderson Refractor

Yep, I got a Grandyfractor for 3 cents. Actually, 1/35th of a dollar. Feel free to tell me how much I suck. Go ahead, let it all out.

2008 Donruss Threads Carlton Fisk

There was a ton of these in the box so I picked up one of each Legend and filled out the lot with a few choice prospects like Jordan Shafer and Mat Gamel. I was amused by how brazen Donruss was with the airbrushing (or the lack thereof) of Pudge's Sox logos. How'd that lawsuit turn out, by the way?


deal said...

I have seen the 09s in the nickle box.

glad to hear about the 35/dollar bin, will definitely have my eye out for that one this weekend.

Just not sure my eyes and back can take out that scrounging around.

Unknown said...

As a set-building purist, your description of Franken-sets makes my stomach hurt. To me, building a set in that fashion would be like getting to experience life outside the Martian dome of "Total Recall."

Verification word: "ploath"
I define it as "an aversion to mixed-year or mixed-product set building."

"When Steve said he was making a set made up of a mix of 1988 and 1989 Topps, I was overcome by a distinct wave of ploath."

Pyewp that.

Mad Guru said...

I wonder if you could make a Frankenset of a single player. Find his card on every number from 1 to x. That would be a fun set.

And my verification word is gaskings.

I define it as Topps new insert set comprised of Dick Perez paintings of leading Saudi Arabian industrialists.

night owl said...

Thank goodness I have the Campanella, Mauer and Seaver cards or I'd really hate you right now.

I love the Timeline set, I always liked that Topps rookie set, and a Campy short-print is a Campy short-print. So you scored majorly.

Now, I wonder how far I have to drive to find a nickle box.

Chris Harris said...

After Panini bought out D'Russ, the lawsuit was settled.


gcrl said...

timeline! my timeline want list wants me to find this nickel box.

madding said...

Like Thorzul, I have trouble understanding the Franken-set concept. I guess I just prefer to always be at least 80 SPs away from completing anything than putting together something that makes no sense to anyone else but me.

Grand Cards said...

I am in the Granderson promoting business, and while it pains me to see his cards sold for less than a nickel, I credit you on your impeccable taste and hope that you're able to land some more great Granderson deals in the future!