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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A few links before the card show

Last reminder:

Card show today and tomorrow in Atlanta.

One dealer, all vintage stuff, don't come looking for anything released after Nixon was president.

It's at the Courtyard Marriott on Delk Road in Marietta. Right off the exit, can't miss it.

I'll be there at noonish probably with my kid in tow if you want me to autograph your 1978 Topps Dave Campbell card or need to punch me in the face or something. Fat guy drooling on the bargain box, can't miss me.

Now for some linkage. First, a contest:

GA Mindset is giving away a box of Topps Chrome. Go clicky and jump through the necessary hoops for a chance to get some shiny.

Now the bloggage:

The Infinite Baseball Card Set is up to 56 gorgeous looking cards. Only infinity left to go!

Who Made The Grade is dedicated to graded vintage cards. No matter how you feel about grading, seeing a near mint 1971 Topps card is a joy.

Wax Pack Time Machine - any blog posting a Gordie Howe relic card is off to a good start.

Smed's Baseball Card Blog - not sure if I can top his blog description: "Yet still another baseball card blog"

Here's a few other links that aren't blogs:

Collecting Ichiro isn't a blog per se, but it is a collection of Geocities-inspired obsessive genius.

Baseballcarddatabase.com - a database of various cardage and memorabilia, as well as the owner of every (YourTeamName)cards.com address. I'll describe it as my uncle described by beard in high school: "sparse, but vigorous".

Finally, I don't do ads anytime ever period stop contacting me. But in honor of Chris Harris I'll plug this.

Don West's

Check out the baseball card blowout....

Words fail..........


JD's Daddy said...

:) that was great! 10 bucks a pack for 1987 Topps? Brilliant!

Chuck's Used Cards said...


thanks for throw-up flash back ...

but I've found a new yule-tide log for my fire place ... the COMPLETE 1987 topps set ! (the steroids in that box alone should keep the fire burning for hours)


Chris Harris said...

I can't believe I'm saying this, but... $69 for all that junk wax is not a bad deal. It sure beats the $59 for a box of '94 Collector's Choice or $89 for a box of '93 Donruss he was shilling on S@H.

Bay Rat North West said...

I can't believe it took over a full minute to hear Ken Griffey, Jr. Only thing missing was a Micheal Jordan rookie.

Great verification "dabin"

West - "People BOUGHT that stuff? Dabin HAD!"

dayf said...

Seriously? Tag team spammers?



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