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Thursday, August 20, 2009

2009 Philadelphia National Chicle

Yesterday Ineeded to break a twenty to pay the babysitter so I stopped off at Target. The were slap out of Allen & Ginter packs. I almost decided to get a Sprite instead of a pack but I opted for a pack of Philadelphia. And found this:


Holy crap these National Chicle inserts are cool! After I pulled a McGovern I was thinking about hunting down a checklist of the buggers but got lazy. The Thunderbird actually got me to do it. In case you're interested, the '35 National Chicle insert set is 100 cards and is half football players and half weirdness. If you're not familiar with the '35 National Chicles, think '34-36 Diamond Stars, just with football instead of baseball. If you have no idea what that is, think 2007 Goudey. I found a couple of reprints to scan and show off, but due to a poorly planned and badly executed reorganization of my desk I have no clue where they are. They are with my first pack of Philadelphia actually, which is why I still haven't posted the thing.

The checklist can be found here on UD's website assuming the link works because I didn't test it before I posted. Here's a breakdown of the subsets within the set.

NC1-NC19: Political figures (must get: Spiro Agnew)
NC20-NC29: Muscle cars (must get: entire set)
NC30-NC39: Fighter Planes (must get: Curtiss P-40 Warhawk)
NC40-NC49: Trains (must get: Super Chief)
NC50-NC75: NFL Vets (must get: Hines Ward)
NC76-NC100: NFL Rooks (must get: Stafford & Moreno)

I think I like the non-sports stuff better than the football players. I am kind of ticked that there's no Matt Ryan in the set. What the hell, Upper Deck? I think this insert set is going to force me to buy a little more Philadelphia than I originally planned. The actual Philly set sort of meh though. Yeah the 200 card base set is nice, but there's 100 football SPs plus some weird short printed subsets like the Election card I posted before, A Woodstock tribute that I don't want, a Vietnam tribute that I REALLY don't want, a Barack Obama 25 card subset that Topps did about 6 or 7 months ago and 49 "In Action" cards. Yes, Virginia, there are as many short printed cards in this set as frickin' BASE cards. Double-you Tee Effing Eff, Upper Deck??? How the smeg is anyone supposed to collect this damn thing?

So that's my dilemma. I like the National Chicles but the shortprints are just utterly preposterous. Why can't this hobby be easy for once??

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Gellman said...

I have the Hines Ward chicle, you can have it. Email me and let me know where to send it.