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Thursday, August 6, 2009


I'm not a huge fan of Upper Deck, but this is flat out wrong and bad for the hobby.






shanediaz82 said...

Ugh, I'm disgusted.

Don said...

I hope that they don't continue to try and screw over the collector with gimmicks and crap like that.

bailorg said...

Although I haven't bought new Upper Deck product since 2007, it would have been nice if MLB could have found someone other than Upper Deck to give Topps some competition.

I would have been completely in favor if MLB had dumped Upper Deck and given a license to Panini. Too bad Donruss seems to have blown that chance by producing cards that arguably didn't fully remove MLB logos.

Jeff Mazdra said...

Gotta come in on the side of Topps on this one. I can't imagine baseball cards and NO Topps. Let's see them make a no frills set; no paralelle sets, no chase cards, no short prints. Heck they can even put them out in 6 or 7 series just like in the 50's and 60's.

Don said...

I agree with your idea, but I don't trust Topps to be able to pull it off without putting some sort of gimmick in their product. Some collectors wanted the return of Team checklist cards with the team photos on them (like when I was a kid). I mean they went from 82 - ? without doing that. When they brought them back we got photos with fake walls. And don't get me started on the postseason, league leader, and photoshopped "classic combos" crap. They want multiplayer cards like the 60s then they should find an actual photo and not create one using photoshop.

I am almost to the point Dave is in just totally walking away from this "hobby" again.

Jimbo said...

I see pluses and minuses; one of the more asinine things I see is at SF Giants games, player photos on the scoreboard have a Topps logo on them, but at the start of every inning, a banner ad that says "Upper Deck cards available at merchandise booths throughout the ballpark". Let's just see if Mr Eisner is really planning to market to children, and will eliminate the 5.00 and above/pack product. Am thinking not.....

Aaron said...

UD still has an MLBPA license, at least.

Voltaire said...


I mean, Topps really stepped it up this year with the base set, but Upper Deck was still pwning them. And Upper Deck itself kinda sucked.

Time to collect vintage, I guess.


White Sox Cards said...

Wat ain't no country I've ever heard of. Do they sell only Topps in Wat?


Topps, monkey fighter! Do they only sell that?


Then what's Upper Deck going to do with their MLBPA license?


Say wat again! Say wat again! I dare you! I double dare you monkey fighter! Say wat one more gold bricking time!

Airbrush the logos?

Go on!

Release endless parallels?

Does Upper Deck look like Donruss?


:::BANG::: Do they LOOK like Donruss?


Then why are you describing Donruss?

I didn't!

Yes, you did! Yes, you did.

:::end scene:::

JRJ said...

Totally agree. Dumb.

ernest of canada said...

this amuses me to no end. i consider it karmic retribution for their exclusive hockey license. with any luck they'll lose that soon as well and disappear from the hobby forever.