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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No Ginter Today

Nope, not in the mood.

About eleventy billion years ago, Dinged Corners expressed an interest in seeing the back text of old timey vintage cards. The more stilted the language, the better. Today's as good a day as any to finally post one...

New York Yankees

"In his first year with the American League, Johnny Allen led the pitchers with 17 victories and only 4 defeats. This was in 1932, when the Yankees won the Championship of the League. Last year Allen won 15 games and lost 7.
"He is a right-handed pitcher, 6 feet tall, and weighs 185 pounds. Allen has been playing professional ball 7 years, starting with Greensboro, N. C. in 1928. He is a native of Lenoir, N. C., where he was born in September, 1905.
"In 1931, before going up to the Yankees, he pitched for Jersey City and Toronto in the International League, winning 21 and losing 9 games."


I don't believe for a minute Lou Gehrig wrote any of that. Christy Walsh, you are a deceiver!

And now for the front. I had never heard of this John Allen guy at all, and I'm supposed to be Mr. I-Love-The-Moldy-Vintage-Stuff. Dude was an All-Star! Won twenty games for the Indians! Went 17-5 as a rookie and won a ring with the Yankees! He went 15-1 in 1937! He's got a lifetime record of 142-75! How have I never heard of this guy?? It goes to show that commons aren't always common.

Also - when you find a vintage Goudey for five bucks YOU BUY IT. Good 'ol ASC.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Wha?!? Where on earth dod you pick that up for $5? Major score! That's an awesome card.

As an aside, do you have the Negro Leaguers from the 07 and 08 Ginter around? I'm currently offering an '03 Topps Heritage Pujols jersey as ransom.

MattR said...

Great card. Goudeys are always nice to see on blogs

ernest of canada said...

it's cool that he pitched up here too! that must have been at the old maple leaf stadium.