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Friday, August 7, 2009

2009 Upper Deck X

All righty then. I finally woke up, had a mighty laugh at John Smoltz' expense and now it's time to show off some brand spankin' new Upper Deck X. Let's check it out, kids!


Overly saturated too brightly colored background and a bunch of lopsided Xs. Who thought this was a good idea??? Now airbrush the logos out for 2010. EGADS. TEH HORROR.

At least the die cuts are actually cut this time. no divots here!

And like last year, the shiny cards are the only ones worth collecting.

Speaking of shiny, the wrapper kicks last year's wrapper's ASS. Boy howdy, that's a some shiny wrapper! Upper Deck may have lost their MLB license, but they have the deranged magpie demographic LOCKED DOWN with this offering.

Up soon: 2009 Philadelphia.
How soon? Once I figure out where my 1964 Philadelphia diappeared to.


Alec said...

I don't know about the wrapper...last year's silver foil had this rainbow shiny effect to it... And there's nothing wrong with being part of the deranged magpie demographic

McCann Can Triple said...

I still can't figure out how the X-ponetial cards are numbered. Or how many there are all-together.

crackinwax said...

That Mauer sho' do look all purdy.