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Monday, August 3, 2009

2009 Allen & Ginter Box Break: Packs 13-15

All riighty then...

This box break has taken forever and a day so I'm going to try to speed through the last half of the box and put it to bed. After that, I'm done with 2009 products for a while. I think I have about 150 points so far, but I need to double check because I forgot to deduct for Yankees. I'll do it later, you're all lucky I'm even bothering to posti this in the first place!

Of note in this group was pack 15, which was visibly thicker than all the rest of the packs and had a strangely warped wrapper:

I was hopeful that the warped pack might hold something cool, but - well, you'll see.

Pack 13
254 John Maine
88 Brad Penny
44 Freddy Sanchez
146 Rich Harden
36 Joba Chamberlain -1 point
319 Gary Sheffield SP +5 points
228 Simpson/Bunker mini
NP41 Raul Ibanez NP

Pack 14
1 Jay Bruce +2 points
236 Edgar Renteria
43 Koji Uehara RC
23 Kristin Armstrong
239 Chris Carpenter
64 Jordan Zimmerman RC
85 Jason Jaramillo RC mini
NP42 Edgar Renteria NP

Ok, this is the weird Mutant pack:
Pack 15
274 Josh Hamilton +2 points
129 Brian Giles
299 Shairon Martis RC
252 Lastings Milledge
332 Curtis Granderson SP +5 points
59 Mark Reynolds Code +2 points
165 Chase Utley Code +4 points
182 Jose Reyes mini
NP39 Shin-Soo Choo NP

Two Code cards snuck into one pack causing the weirdness. Not bad, but when I saw the thick I was hoping for Rip. Not much to say about these three packs otherwise. Pack 14 was the Edgar Renteria Hot Pack and the only two really interesting cards to come out of it were the Sheff and Grand SPs. I'm now up to 169 points and I can forget about catching Beardy unless I pull a Cut Auto or something.

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Paul P said...

I love Kristin Armstrong. I met her when she got back from Beijing with her gold medal and she was incredibly gracious and humble.