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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Son of Sticky Saturday

A while back I found some awesome old Fleer Basketball stickers. FleerFan, the resident sticker expert, asked if I could pick him up a few stickers to help complete his collection. I obliged his request and got a package of cool old stickers in return. To celebrate the completion of Sticker Sets (and mourn my dying dream of a 2010 Panini Baseball set) I'm resurrecting Sticky Saturday to show them off over the next couple of months.

Since it's Hall of Fame Game weekend, let's start off with an old Football sticker.

Yeaaaaah Falcons! This is a pretty old cloth sticker which appears to be sticker on the front than the back. Due to the age and the cloth material some of the gum has oozed to the front making it tacky enough to stick to my scanner. I was wondering why this one was sent in a penny sleeve.

Since it's likely from the '70s it has the old school Falcons font and logo. I like the black background, very Falcony. Not sure of the year, check out the Fleer Sticker Project and do some research if you're so inclined. Early '70s, probably. I'll go out on a limb and say 1974. I absolutely love old stickers and decals like this since most of its sticky bretheren ended up getting stuck.

Here's the back. No company logo, no copyright, no nuttin. As you can see the glue's gotten icky, but the backing is containing it quite well. I'd never try to peel it off and stick it on something. I'd be afraid that sticker backing was holding back the horrors of the Necronomicon and I'd end up in an Evil Dead movie.

Klaatu... Barada... Nikto!

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Fleerfan said...

Very close! 1975 is the year, and the sticker is sometimes referred to as a Sunbeam or Schwebel sticker as they came in loaves of bread.

Here's the full story:


Its almost impossible to find them without the glue having seeped through the front and the backing, so most that I've come across are very sticky - hence why I put that one in the sleeve.

I'm glad to see the return of Sticky Saturday!