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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This I did not expect

I know I haven't even shown off my first pack of '09 Philadelphia yet (soon, I promise) but I snagged a couple more today and I had to show off the inserts because they were just too weird. Here are the packs, look at them closely.

I got these packs because Falcons Michael Jenkins and Jerious Norwood were showing on the front. That's right, showing. You can see Michael Jenkins above, here's a close up of Norwood:

It's actually easier to read it in person, the red lettering is almost as clear as the wrapper text. So is this pack searching? In my book, if the pack is transparent it ain't searching. And this wrapper is at bare minimum translucent. If you have a different rulebook and wish to shun me for my evil ways then more power to ya. Besides, what kind of deranged pack searcher targets Falcons base cards?

Anyway, this post is about what was inside the pack not what was showing on top. Inside the Jenkins pack I pulled a mini Goudey insert:

Of George McGovern?!???!

Yep, that's George all right. World War Two vet, South Dakota Senator, Vietnam War opposer and and the 1972 Presidential candidate that Richard Nixon was so scared of he wrecked his entire legacy over him. If you were to ask me who would be the most unlikely person to have a card in a 2009 football product, George would probably have been somewhere on that list. Yet here he is! It's actually a very good painting in the original Goudey art style. I'm very impressed with Upper Deck on this one, even though "Presidential Nominees who lost" is a pretty obscure insert subject. I like it though, although I bet most football collectors would puke if they pulled this card.

Speaking of Tricky Dick...

You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore, because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference.
Oh no it waaaaasn't! History junkies know what I'm talking about, the rest of you probably don't have a clue. In 1962, former VP and 1960 Presidential candidate Richard Nixon ran for Governor of California and got beat by incumbant Democrat Pat Brown in Republican (at the time) California. Richard rattled off the above quote in defeat, then bided his time and worked behind the scenes to stage a comeback in 1968 when he beat Hubert Humphrey for the Presidency. Only to screw it all up by getting caught committing shenanigans in his race four years later against the aforementioned McGovern.

It's amazing the weird stuff that comes out of card packs nowadays.


Chris Harris said...

The scowl on McGovern's face is priceless.

Captain Canuck said...

you know what I miss? Cello packs.

Damn I miss those.

Joe S. said...

So you collect Falcons? I'm still going through a huge box of football cards that I truly don't remember accumulating, so if you want I can send you some random card from random years. I don't know what's good, not good, valuable, garbage, etc, etc. But just say the word and I'll start putting some Falcons together for ya!

MattR said...

Cello packs were great. I'm guilty of picking and choosing my cello packs back in the 70s.

I never understood why Nixon had to do all that stuff in '72. McGovern had no chance.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Ha! I thought the McGovern was a photoshop until I read further. That's rules! Coolest card of '09 so far.