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Monday, August 17, 2009

Mostly Live A&G blaster break

Ok, this is exactly why I said the live break would be at 8:30ish.

My PC has crashed, the enter key broke causing it to crash again, on the third reboot Firefox started acting wonky, my firewall turned itself off and on causing me much concern, and my switch box is broke so the Linux box wasn't available as a backup. Oy Gevalt.

I've got things slightly under control however and I've already ripped the first four packs so we're going on as planned. One note for anyone out there following along - this box is a MUTANT. You'll see what I mean. I haven't even opened the crazy thick pack yet, that's #5... Ok, with no further ado...

Pack 1:

215 Jed Lowrie
231 David Murphy
15 Mike Pelfrey
339 Jordan Schafer RC SP
171 Brett Anderson mini
297 Kolan McConiughey Not National Pride
Code Ad

No National Pride card in this pack... odd. The Bowling card is nifty though, as is Jordan

AAAAAH Now the Scanner's gone Wonky

Pack 2:

147 Coco Crisp
143 Robbie MAddison
25 Evan Longoria
66 Grumpy A-Rod
245 Todd Helton mini
76 Brandon Phillips

woo stars

Pack 3:

229 Mark Ellis
37 Andre Ethier
132 Anna Tunnicliffe
309 Kosuke Fukudome SP
197 Jhonny Peralta mini A&G back
62 Dan Uggla

Where the heck are my National Prides??

Pack 4:

196 Joey Votto
45 Derrek Lee
224 Tim Lincecum
204 Casey Blake Heiroglyphics
213 Stephanie Brown Trafton mini A&G back
300 David Ortiz

Tribe Cards coined the code cards 'heiroglyphics' moniker.

ok, now for the thick pack...



Pack 5

50 Pat Neshek
15 Alfred Nobel
Carlos Quentin Jersey
Rocco Baldelli Jersey
Milos Oblic National Heroes
189 Casey Kotchman

Not complainin' 'bout National Prides no mo

Pack 6

293 Ian Snell
279 John Lester
76 Brandon Phillips
322 Chris Volstad SP
Milky Way fun size dark
49 Ubaldo Jimenez

Why can't I get normal blasters...

Pack 7:



205 Ryan Braun
162 Shane Victorino
297 Bowling Dude agin
AGH56 Josh Beckett
John Higby Yoyo string relic
230 Torii Hunter mini A&G
106 Mike Jacobs

gotta get this last one done quick, Big Bang Theory's almost on

Pack 8:

Eric Byrnes
263 Brian Duensing
49 Ubaldo Jimenez
331 Jeff Smrdjzjknsjnxqxjzz SP
LMT8 Sphinx
141 Carlos Zambrano
Code ad.

Ok, that was the most ridiculous blaster I have ever opened. A full recap after Big Bang Theory is over.

The Final Tally:
29 base cards
4 SPs - Fukudome, Volstad, Samardzija, Schafer
1 Code PArallel - Blake
3 doubles

2 minis - Helton, Anderson
3 mini A&G backs - Peralta, Brown Trafton, Hunter
1 mini black border - Milky Way

NH24 Milos Obilic National Heroes
LMT8 Sphinx Creatures of Legends Myth & Terror
AGHS6 Josh Beckett sketch
National Pride - ZIPPO

Rocco Baldelli jersey
Carlos Quentin Jersey
John Higby SP string relic

The lack of National Pride cards is... odd. I was under the impression that these were one a pack. Of course, three relics (including one I have already drooled over) and a one-in-two-boxes mini insert is a good trade-off for a lack of National Pride cards. Plus that's 8 more base cards for the set (although three were duplicates right off the bat). I'm sort of scared to buy another A&G Blaster, not that I can afford it right now. After pulling four relics in two boxes I'm not sure my luck can stay this good.

One quick announcement for anyone out there who is actually reading this... Starting today, the blog goes on less of a Wax Heaven schedule and more of a Stale Gum one instead. That is, I'm still gonna post, but it's not going to be nearly as often for the forseeable future. I'll post when a) I have something to say, b) I have time to say it and c) I can say it coherently. The days of 3 sleep deprived posts by 7am are over for a while. I'll keep on truckin' though.

Thanks for your support.


Thorzul said...

If you don't get any National Prides, I'm coining the phrase "National Shame."

FanOfReds said...

First, Big Bang Theory is awesome and I'm glad others like that show!

Second, that blaster was better than 2 of my hobby boxes!! Wow.

Collective Troll said...

I have ripped 5 blasters now and have yet to pull a relic card, you get three in a box? I call shenanigans!

night owl said...

What, you don't have enough card shops in Atlanta, you have to have all the loaded blasters, too?

skoormit said...

Actually you pulled four relics. The Milky Way card is a self-relic.

MrsTooth said...

That is one beautiful box. I have to agree with Night Owl though...you are spoiled with riches of the card variety out there. Congrats on getting that yoyo relic in a more fun way than eBay.

Mark's Ephemera said...

Klingon Boggle. Gotta love it.

Nice pulls.

--David said...

Wow, two coined phrases in one year! "Random Packs of Kindness" and "A&G Hieroglyphics" - sweet!

I loved the Milky Way Dark! Nice one!

JD's Daddy said...

Klingon boggle, and total shenanigans! 3 relics in a blaster! Nice work.

Brian said...

I'm not going to say how many A&G Blasters I've opened (did someone say double digits?) and that is the craziest one I've seen or heard about so far. I've gotten a relic in about half of them, one auto, one no numbered mini and one bazooka red back/25 mini. I've also gotten a NP in every single pack. Congrats on a funky box.

Jamie said...

I just got two single packs of the A&G today and got the full size milky way card which is pretty good, two NP cards, and one no number mini. I Guess I should be pleased. Thanks to all that commented for helping reassure me. I'm getting a blaster tomorrow I think. :-)

gritz76 said...

I've busted two blasters some what similar to yours. Some with out mini's, some with out Nat. Prides, and some with just 3 cards. Both had nice surprises in them though. I'll try to post on them when I get a chance.

Erin said...

That black bordered Milky Way sure looks neat. I need to add that to my want list.

And I thought I had a mutant blaster. (Two creatures in one pack... big deal!)

Mr P said...

The Milky Way gets its own card? Lol. What's next?

camclow said...

If any one is trying to complete the set I have a list of A/G commons and National Pride's I am willing to send away for free. Any 3 I will send away. Hope this helps somebody collect the set. Check it out at http://morethancardboard.blogspot.com

find the A/G article and leave a comment. Thanks!

Drew said...

You really lucked out with that one!

Anonymous said...


The Duke said...

The Milky Way is cool and deserves it's own card, the one that I am worried about is the Electron It is weak.