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Monday, July 27, 2009

Gint-a-Cuffs Halftime Report

I said I'd get around to adding all these Gint-a-Cuffs scores together and I finally have. This is becoming the slowest box break in the history of mankind so I'm going to try to get it finished off by Sunday. Now for the totals.

Box Topper:
Jefferson & Hancock Cabinet +8

Pack 1:
Frank Evans +2
Chipper Jones National Pride +6

Pack 2:

Pack 3:
Adrian Gonzalez +2
Christian Guzman SP +5
Rocco Baldelli mini SP +7
Lynne Cox relic +12

Pack 4:
Delmon Young SP mini A&G back +9

Pack 5:
Art Pennington +2
Old Faithful SP +4
Brad Lidge Baseball Highlights +3
Janos Damjanich National Heroes +5

Pack 6:
Milky Way -1
Scott Rolen Code Card +2
Enron bleeeeecch +5
Jair Jurrjens National Pride +2

Pack 7:
Tim Hudson +1
St. Patrick's Cathedral mini A&G +2

Pack 8:
Red Moore +3
Justin Duchscherer SP +5
Evan Longoria National Pride +4

Pack 9:
Andy LaRoche SP +5
Mark Teahen mini black border +3

Pack 10:

Pack 11:
AJ Burnett SP +5
Jay Bruce jersey +40
Eric Chavez A&G Mini +2

Pack 12:
Bobby Crosby -1
Ken Griffey Jr. Sketch +3

So all total that's...
8+8+0+26+9+14+8+3+12+8+7+47+2=152-2 for yankees I forgot=150

150 points at the half. Not too shabby, but I'll have to get a monster hit to contend. Time to start posting!


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