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Saturday, July 25, 2009

2009 Topps Magic Short Prints

My poor XP box is very sick. It's very possible it caught another virus in its weakened condition but I'm not sure about that yet. It might just be old. It's been running pretty hard for over three years now and has accumulated a lot of junk on it. I'm doing some diagnostics and depending on what I find it might be time for a backup and wipe. As fun as that may be, I'd rather not do it right now with all the other stuff I need to get done. Thankfully my dual-boot Ubuntu / CentOS box is happy and thriving. I like Ubuntu a lot better so far but I need to start messing around the guts of CentOS and figuring out what makes it tick one of these days.

Oh yeah, cards. Sorry, I geeked out a little there. So um, basically what all this has to do with cards is that my scanner is currently installed on the XP box. I'm typing this post on the Ubuntu box. I've also got the XP box quarantined off the network until I make sure it's not contagious. What I'm trying to say is posts with scans are going to be a pain in the keister for me right now, and after messing about the Cisco lab configuring routers this afternoon and nursing a geriatric XP box back to health in the evening I'm not really in the mood to sneakernet all the images from one box to the other. I'm about done with computers for tonight I think. Why not just install the scanner onto the Ubuntu box, you well may ask. Well, the Linux box is sort of a test system for the time being that will very likely get wiped a few times in the coming months and I simply don't want to make any drastic changes to my setup quite yet. Besides, the scanner is also my printer and it is shared on the network to the other computers in my house. Moving it would create a whole mess of problems. VISTA problems. I ain't dealing with Vista problems this weekend. Hell naw.

So instead of the $5 contest answer (you people are lousy guessers by the way) I'm posting the Magic Short Print list. I know Beckett did it already, but it's formatted stupidly and the SP's are at the bottom of a huge list of autographs. It's like the base cards JUST DON'T MATTER ya know? So here it is again for my own amusement.

2 Brodie Croyle
6 DeMeco Ryans
18 Kenny Irons
21 Ben Obomanu
26 Robert Meachem
27 Isaiah Stanback
34 John Beck
35 Justin Forsett
36 Lavelle Hawkins
44 Tye Hill
46 Chris Simms
47 Chris Brown
52 Dave Thomas
55 Derrick Harvey
58 Fred Taylor
60 Lorenzo Booker
63 Sebastian Janikowski
66 Ernie Sims
75 Sean Jones
79 Leonard Pope
82 P.J. Daniels
86 Kevin Kolb
98 Yamon Figurs
105 Terry Bradshaw
111 Kolby Smith
125 Ahmad Bradshaw
130 Shawne Merriman
131 DeAngelo Williams
136 Greg Olsen
138 Antrel Rolle
154 Marlin Jackson
165 Deuce McAllister
172 Brad Smith
174 Brandon Jackson
176 Alvin Pearman
178 Matt Schaub
180 Ronald Curry
185 DaJuan Morgan
193 Julius Jones
195 Maurice Stovall
199 Vernon Gholston
206 Marc Bulger
207 Mark Bradley
208 Owen Schmitt
211 Allen Patrick
222 Reggie Williams
224 Derrick Williams
233 Kyle Orton
236 Brian Leonard
239 Lee Evans

Imagine in your mind the Terry Bradshaw and Ben Obomanu SP card images that would be decorating this post if they weren't currently trapped on my sick PC's hard drive. And make better guesses on my contest! You've got hints, people!


thehamiltonian said...

I did three packs of Magic yesterday - sweet looking cards!

Squeeze Play Cards said...

I've got to find some money and get me some of these. A&G and Magic out at the same time and I am broke.

Billy Suter said...

Why don't you have the Ubuntu box on the network?

dayf said...

Te ubuntu box is on the network, along with another linux box and the dreaded Vista laptop. I've taken the XP box off the network for troubleshooting and the printer is hooked up to that one. If I move the printer over to the ubuntu box, I have to make sure that Vista can still reach the printer and I don't EVEN want to mess with that right now. I can always plug the XP back in for print jobs.

mike said...

i really like the topps magic set. great look to these cards. thanks for the review.