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Friday, July 10, 2009

2009 Allen & Ginter Box Break: Pack 6

More fireworks in this pack despite the coolest card getting dinged a point. This has been a pretty kick ass box to this point!

256 Jose Lopez
89 Elvis Andrus RC
65 Dexter Fowler RC
289 Milky Way -1 point despite utter coolness
34 Ryan Dempster
223 Scott Rolen Code Card +2 points

HHB6 Enron Hoaxes, Hoodwinks, Bamboozles And Shockingly Brazen Corporate Corruption That Screwed Up The Energy Industry, Completely Destroyed The Lives Of Thousands Of Stockholders, Employees And Grandmas, Damn Near Shut Down California And Cheated People Out Of Their Hard Earned Cash In The Name Of Unbridled Greed While The Federal Government Who Was Supposed To Be Regulating This Shit In The First Place Turned A Blind Eye To The Whole Fucking Thing While The Man Behind The Entire Sordid Affair Was Buddy Pals With Two Presidents Of The United States Who Also Just Happened To Have Deep Ties To The Oil Industry Funny How That Works Eh Hey Look American Gladiators Is On Go Back To Bed America The Government Is In Control You Are Free To Do As We Tell You +5 Points
NP50 Jair Jurrjens NP +2 points
Ginter Code Ad

Ok, some of you people don't like the Milky Way card. You actually really like, it, you just don't know it yet. Want me to prove it to you? Take a good look at the card. A really good look. Now look at the bottom left corner. Now check out the lower part of the galaxy, underneath the galactic core. Now you know that Topps left the light years map legend and several star labels in the picture when they 'shopped it from whatever middle school textbook image they ganked it from.

Now you have been Enlightened.

In other news, I really like the Elvis Andrus card. I'm kind of sorry he never got the chance to become a Brave, but I'm happy with Yunel Escobar so I can deal with it. I don't get these sports talk yobbos who keep trying to trade Yunel because supposedly Bobby doesn't like him blowing his top every so often. The dude can play and we got him cheap for the next few years. So what if he flakes every once in a while, the dude's Cuban, they actually get excited about playing baseball unlike a lot of the guys in the majors just cashing a paycheck. Dexter Fowler messed the Braves up last night so no scan for him. Dempster looks demented as always. The Jurrjens card is nice, too bad he didn't get the chance to play with the surprising Netherland WBC club. Then again he's kicking ass for the Braves this year so maybe that's a good thing. Jair would be an All-Star if the bats could have gotten him any runs.

As for that abomination of an insert, the only reason it's not confetti now is that conceivably there is a die hard Astros fan out there who might want it for their collection. There's one more of those things in this box, you have one chance to redeem yourselves, Topps.

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