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Thursday, July 2, 2009


I totally forgot to vote for the All-Star Game. I better do that now... Voting ends tonight at midnight.

My choices for the record: (as I make them)

American League:

1B: Kevin Youkilis
I very nearly voted for Russell Branyan just because, but I can't STAND friggin' Mark Teixeira. Go Youk!

2B: Ian Kinsler
Aaron Hill of Toronto deserves the starting nod the most, but Kinsler deserves it more than Dustin Pedroia. BoSox fans got my Youk vote, don't get greedy.

3B: Evan Longoria
This isn't even close.

SS: Jason Bartlett
There's no chance in hell he overtakes Jeter, but he's hitting FIFTY FIVE POINTS HIGHER than him. Get voting, Rays fans!

OF: Ichiro
OF: Torii Hunter
OF: Carl Crawford
The reason I left Jason Bay off my ballot is because he is very comfortably in first place in voting among outfielders and someone has to knock off Josh Hamilton after the injury-filled first half he has had. Torii and Crawford are both deserving anyway. If it came down to it, I would have chosen Torii just for his 2007 Allen & Ginter card.

C: Joe Mauer.
THREE NINETY TWO. 'nuff said.

National League:

1B: Albert Pujols
Who else? I want the NL to actually win one of these decades.

2B: Martin Prado
BECAUSE MARTIN PRADO IS AWESOME. (Utley has already won hands down anyway, hush up Phillie fans)


SS: Hanley Ramirez
Hanley better beat out Mendoza Line J-Roll.

OF: Ryan Braun
OF: Carlos Beltran (barf)
OF: Shane Victorino
Raul Ibanez is hurt and Alfonso Soriano sucks. And screw Manny, I'd rather see Matt Kemp on the team.

Yadier Molina?? Are you F'n kidding me? BENJIE Molina has better stats than Yadier! McCann is the best catcher in baseball the National League!

Ok there's my picks, now I need to vote 24 more times...


Captain Canuck said...

the fact that Molina, Jeter, Soriano, et al, have that many votes goes to show what a joke this game has become. Another reason wht I haven't watched it in years.

This time it counts.... my ass.

Carl Crawford Cards said...

What do you mean a joke, Capt'n?!? THIS time it counts, not like last time.

And who the heck is Hanley Ramirez, dayf? And when did they put baseball in FLA? Or does that mean that we can put minor leaguers on the ballot now? I'm so confused...

(seriously, thx for giving Crawford much deserved props!)

Anonymous said...

There is very little rhyme or reason to my voting. Knowing that the guys who actually deserve it won't get in anyway, I always vote with my heart. I rely very little upon actual statistics. So when I vote for Griffey, Hamilton, and Ichiro, it's because they are my three favorite AL outfielders, not because they have done anything this year worthy of selection.

Andrew said...

Chipper Jones?! David Wright all the way. He may not be hitting homers but he has been leading the National League in batting average (has, mind you, he's now #2). Chipper Jones. Pfah. ;)

night owl said...

The voting has not been reflective of who actually should play in the game since fan voting was instituted in 1970. Nothing's changed. There will always be "injustices."

It's still the most fun I have watching baseball on TV all year. Last year's game rocked!

dayf said...

Andrew must not know what site he is visiting. Plus pfah is David Wright's middle name. David Pfah Wright, esquire.

Andrew said...

Oh, I know. ;)