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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tales from the draft folder: 2008 Mayo Football

For the second straight night, I've passed out while watching the Braves. As a result, the posts I had planned ain't exactly written. I scoured the draft folder and found this Mayo pack I had started writing about back on January 27th, but never actually posted for some reason. Maybe I ended up posting it on A Pack A Day or something.

Also: everyone who has sent me a trade e-mail will be replied to by Friday. If I don't get back to you, please punch me in the face to get my attention.

Ok, now for an old pack. Updated notes in blue.

Just got this pack today (1/27/09), $5.50 at Champion Sports Cards in Kennesaw. I'll let the cards speak for themselves and do a more detailed dissection on my own blog (probably did post this already on APAD) once (typo) I've been able to examine them more thoroughly.

24 Matt Cassell

274 John Harvey Kellogg

267 Maurice Jones-Drew

40 Marcus Smith RC SP

227 Derek Anderson mini

SB39-B Super Bowl XXXIX thick insert

76 Muhsin Muhammad

101 Jerry Porter

To sum up: Topps spent a fortune in black ink. The photos ranged from pretty good (Cassell, Porter) to dreadful (Smith). I'm not impressed by the Pro Set throwback thick Superbowl insert. The mini card is kickass as always, but Derek Anderson? Eecch. I would eat cornflakes for every meal if I could get my mustache to grow the way Kellogg's does. I'm glad I didn't drop $100+ on a Hobby box, but you can bet your sweet bippy that Blasters Shall Be Bought. (One blaster that is. I wasn't all that impressed with this set after the short prints turned out to be needlessly tough. I still want my McLovin autograph!)

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