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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Package from Joe - Part 1

Cinci Reds Cards Joe sent me a package containing the second and third season of The Venture Brothers. I had gotten him hooked on the show and he sent the DVDs to me since he had watched them already. If this wasn't generous enough, he sent some other goodies in the box too. Included were 12 2008 Topps Chrome cards:

Wooo! Chipper! I've got a ton of Chrome already but... wait, what is this?

Hum! Well that's a pretty timely thing to be getting right now! I have no clue where Joe found 'em, but I now have 12 Braves chrome cards with The National convention logo on them. Sweeeet! lncluded is our only All-Star:

And the Big Three!

Very cool and very unique stuff from Joe. I look forward to his 2008 Topps Chrome National Convention Cincy Reds team set post.

But wait there's more...


Bay Rat North West said...

2008 Reds National Chrome:


Fun set. Only 300 sets were made for the National and they were sold as uncut sheets. The dealer I got them from had the sheets professionally cut and now you see the results.

Dan said...

That Joe guy is a... helluva guy.