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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009 Allen & Ginter Box Break: Pack 9

Check out the weirdly cut wrappers..

I love finding strange stuff like matching mis-cut wrappers in boxes I buy.

174 John Lannan probably -1 point
226 Ricky Romero
102 Edinson Volquez
48 BrighamYoung
225 David Price RC should be worth somethin
315 Andy LaRoche SP +5? points
242 Mark Teahen mini black border Too lazy to look up the point value, let's say +7ish
NP47 Ryan Howard NP

Price rookie... No one likes Ryan Howard... Too bad it ain't Adam... Sorry, just not in the mood to type about this pack. Maybe later.

I think it's Brigham Young messing me up. No caffiene, don't you know.


Andy said...

I am going to fucking pass out and die if I have to read one more goddamned A&G post on this blog or any other.

JD's Daddy said...

that would make a cool ginter card. A hair off the man who passed out and died after reading too many A&G posts.

dayf said...



Andy said...

No, killed by dayf. Ginter was just the instrument.

Andy, killed by dayf, with the Ginter, in the blogosphere.