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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mini Mall pt 2 - Minis from the Mini Mall

I've got about two weeks worth of Flea Market stuff to post so let's get started. All of this stuff I'm about to show off I got from Sports Card Alley, which is probably the best dealer I've ever found. Tons of commons, boxes full of inserts, cases of relics and autos, packs galore, oddball stuff, full sets, even comics and Gaming cards. All for extremely good prices - nothing's jacked up here. I'm going to stick with the A&G theme just a little while longer and go with some 2008 mini cards I found.

I got all these from the same box which also had Topps205, 2007 Fleer and 2008 Goudey mini cards. I printed out a few checklists before I went, but the mini wantlist was sadly not one of them. So, I simply wiped out the box of all the A&Gs:

21 '08 A&G mini cards, all for the whopping price of 10 cents a pop. Five were A&G backs, the rest normal minis. I was hoping to fill in some pockets in my 2006-2009 A&G mini binder with these, here are the results:
  • Three cards were straight up duplicates. You have to expect that sort of thing when blindly picking out cards without a list though.
  • Three cards were 'upgrades' - basically ones where I had the normal mini and bought the A&G back in the lot.
  • Eight cards I didn't need for the set. I don't necessarily have doubles of them, I just already had better cards in my binder.
  • Three cards bumped out other cards from the binder. Remember, I'm building a mini set from 1-350 so if two cards have the same number one goes in the binder and one gets the boot. The booted cards were all from 2007: Carlos Guillen, Brian Bannister and Freddy Sanchez.
  • Four cards out of the original twenty-one filled up empty spaces in the binder.
A third of the cards went into the binder so I'm not unhappy with that. They only cost a dime after all. Gotta love the flea market!


ManOfSteal said...

If the Gateway Arch mini is one you don't need, I'd love to take it off your hands. My grandfather was actually one of the head electricians when it was being built. We have a picture of him somewhere on the top, on the outside! I somehow never managed to get the mini or even the base card. I think I have a stack of other minis that I could pass your way.

David said...

The flea market is a great source of quality stuff and you have showed that. I once got a Yogi Berra card in great condition that I spent over a year looking for. The best thing was that the guy selling it had no idea what it was worth.