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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Free Stickers and bonus existential crisis

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Puck Junk is giving away free hockey logo stickers from Panini so go get you some sticky goodness. Since the stickers are from the '90s there is no Thrashers sticker, but it's got me thinking. Do I really even like the Thrashers anymore? They've been pathetic most of their existence. The one time they made the playoffs they were swept. They've drafted horribly and gotten rid of most of the decent players they've drafted in ill-advised trades. And I'm still hurting from the Dany Heatley thing. I didn't even watch a single Thrashers game on TV last season. Not one. I was actually a bigger hockey fan before the Thrashers existed because I followed several teams and a few favorite players like Yzerman, Chelios and Coffey. The straw that broke the camel's back on my Thrashers fandom were those awful blue alternate sweaters. BARF.

I'm seriously thinking of ditching the Thrash altogether and officially giving my allegience to another franchise just so I can enjoy hockey again. Problem is, I'm not sure which one. Let's make a contest out of it. Any Hockey Fans out there (capitalization intentional) who want to sway me to become a fan of your team, start thinking up reasons for me to switch. If a disciple of Braveheart guy wants to try to keep me in the fold, then think of some ways to talk me off the ledge. The person who can lead me to the right team to follow gets some free hockey cards. I'll post the official contest in the next week or so, I need to make any switch in the offseason so I can ramp up for '09-10. In the meantime go get your

from Puck Junk.


JD's Daddy said...

I am not really a hockey fan, but if you are going to switch teams I highly recommend switching conferences as well. Less conflict seeing your two teams collide more often.

McCann Can Triple said...

I haven’t seen many hockey games or followed it that much, but it does interest me. I would like to get into it though, I just wish I could get more games on tv.

Someone wanna suggest three teams for me? Terrible, great.. I'm up for any. I do enjoy an underdog though.

beardy said...

2 words... Alexander Ovechkin! Come join me as a Caps fan. Everyone with a beard is doin' it.

shanediaz82 said...

For a couple of the commenters here who haven't watched much hockey, I would recommend the Boston Bruins, Washington Capitals or Pittsburgh Penguins. All exciting teams to watch from the Eastern Conference.

Dayf, I think the Thrashers would be way cooler if they went back to being the Atlanta Flames and wore retro jerseys from the 70s!

McCann Can Triple said...

Thanks for the advice shanediaz.

kevincrumbs said...

Ugh. No Bruins, please. Any time I find a rare hockey card blog the author is invariably a Bruins fan. Yuck.

Also, no Habs. I wouldn't inflict that on anyone.

No Flyers. They're jerks. No Leafs... come on, you'd have to be like that methed up NASCAR driver to consider them.

I suggest the Islanders. They're on the up and up and have some nice history behind them. The Blues are likeable too. Isles and Blues are good to get on now before the huge bandwagon forms.

ernest of canada said...
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ernest of canada said...

i guess the obvious choice would be calgary since they are your original flames just relocated. plus they picked up bouwmeester. so they're making some free agent noise. (and they fired mike keenan! who likes mike keenan?)
failing that, i would suggest the los angeles kings. perennial underdog and they used to have purple and yelllow jerseys with one of the all-time great team logos.