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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thoughts on the game at 1AM

I just can't go to a game this year without a rain delay or extra innings, can I? Here's a little sleep derived stream of consciousness on my third game of the year.

Left field seats are great in the evening, lots of shade.

Never take Marta to a Braves game. I could have parked two cars in the most expensive lot for less than what it cost me to take the train tonight.

Nate McLouth was on the program, not in the game.

My friend and I ripped on Jeff Francoeur mercilessly before the game and then he made us look stupid with a double, single and RBI in this first three at-bats.

I like watching Derek Lowe pitch.

Chase Utley hit a bomb. Then the bottom of the inning, Martin Prado hit a bomb to counter. Attack of the second basemen!

I got a bratwurst with sauerkraut specifically to show my support for the Brewers against the Mets.

It worked

The guy beating the giant drum tonight was either deaf, having epileptic fits, whacked on crack, or all of the above tonight.

The drum was also RIGHT BEHIND US.

When my friend went to get a coke and some ice cream in the middle of the game, the Braves immediately scored.

I ordered him to go buy more stuff the rest of the game.

I will never get tired of watching the Braves' Ryan Howard shift, especially when it works perfectly.

Why are we still singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame during the 7th inning stretch? Can we just leave that to the Cubs?

If we have to sing something, may I suggest Freebird.

With guitar solo.

The Braves' cheerleaders stood behind our seats for the last three innings and were generally vapid and tedious.

Mike Gonzalez' rocking antics is even more unsettling in person than on TV, I never knew he bent back so far.

It didn't help at all as he gave up two homers and lost the lead.

On John Mayberry's homer, a girl wearing a Phillies shirt jumped up and down for a minute and there was much jiggling.

With the Braves' offense hitting the way it is, a one run lead looks like looking up at Everest from the base camp.

Then Prado does it again with a double to score Blanco and tie the game.

Jimmy Rollins is hitting .208? Really??

Extra Innings - I'm getting sleepy - Prado is up again - WINS THE FRICKIN GAME!!!

Kelly who?

Finally, an informal survey of jerseys I saw while at the game:

Chipper - 14
Francoeur - 8
McCann - 4
Utley - 3
Howard - 2
Furcal - 1
Hanson - 1
Justice - 1
Lowe - 1
Murphy - 1
Rollins - 1
#10 jersey with "MONKEY" as the name on the back - 1


White Sox Cards said...

I concur. Marta sucks sometimes. Sounds like you had a good time despite that.

madding said...

I have Prado on one of my fantasy teams now. It's a cutthroat NL-only league where basically anyone that is not currently recovering from, schedule for or currently undergoing Tommy John surgery is probably on someone's roster. I have yet to find a comfortable place for Prado in my lineup mostly because I don't really have any idea who he is or if he will play on any given day. Any tips?

deal said...

No Babes with Jayson Werth Jerseys?? Apparently he is dreamy and all that - latest heart throb up here. sort of the new Pat Burrell - oh and all the hip kids have their Raul Ibanez Jerseys.

Thanks for picking up the Brats - the Phils needed that Mets Loss too.

Jimmy Rollins .208 batting average is inflated. He is hitting much worse than that.

What the heck is Zep?

dayf said...

Madding: straight from the horse's mouth:
" When asked if Prado was his starting second baseman, manager Bobby Cox said "Right now, yes." "

deal: So Jason Werth is the Phillie Phrancoeur? Every one of the numerous Frenchy jerseys were worn by girls except one. I was wondering why a guy was wearing a Francoeur jersey until I saw his girlfriend wearing a matching jersey. blech.

McCann Can Triple said...

I've never been on a train before. How sad.

I could never get up during a ballgame for anything. I did get up one time during the last game I went to, but that was only because of a rain dealy and it was a bathroom break.

On a semi related note, I wnat to go to the game and see the coke tower one last time before they take it down.

Matt said...

The Brat with Kraut is appriciated in Milwaukee. Did you also dump a Budweiser down the drain, causing the Cardinals to lose?

Captain Canuck said...

wouldn't you have to dump some Belgian ale down the drain?

and yeah, the game certainly was an emotional roller coaster, and I was only in my living room.

But hey, big win.

Motherscratcher said...

I'm confused, I thought Marta was Gob's girlfriend who fell in love with Hermano. Now she plays for the Braves?

I'm not sure whether I'm happy or sad to be living in a world where 2 people can wear matching Francoeur jerseys with no shame. I'll have to get back to you on that.

Captain Canuck said...

I say that as long as the couple are wearing matching Francoeur jerseys FOR COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REASONS, the live and let live. I know why my wife wears a Jeff Francoeur jersey.... and it does not have anything to do with slugging percentage. Know what I mean?

Ben said...

I think the rule is NEVER take MARTA anywhere! I've never had a good experience with MARTA (ie, I've gotten lost as missed a stop multiple times)... I've had better luck with the Washington DC subway system.

I like Kelly Johnson a lot and will continue to stick up for him, but Prado is the better choice for a starter right now. And honestly, I think Prado could be a great player if he got the chance to play everyday... maybe not an All Star, but a very solid player.