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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Winner's Spoils

We have a winner in the contest, here are his choices for the trophies of victory:

1991 Fleer Box Bottom Nolan Ryan cut with an Xacto knife with straight edge

And of course this one came out the worst due to ruler slippage. Eh, it's Nolan. He's tough. He can take a cockeyed edge. As you will notice, I only cut the cards away from their brethren on the panel. Jim can clean up the sides as he desires. Why deny him the joy of cutting cards?

1990 Fleer Box Bottom Robin Yount cut with an Xacto knife with no guide

This one didn't turn out too bad, although it's a little squirrelly in places. At least it's a straight squirrelly.

1989 Fleer Box Bottom George Brett cut with an Xacto knife using my left hand

At Motherscratcher's suggestion I tried one lefty. I will neither confirm nor deny if beers were inviolved. The bottom isn't great, but I think I did a good job on the side. I was pleasantly surprised by my ambidexterity with sharp objects.

1989 Fleer Box Bottom Greg Gross cut with plain ol' scissors

HE ACTUALLY PICKED GREG GROSS. I guess I got lucky that a Phillies fan won the contest, eh? The scissors actually worked out the best, probably from lots of practice when I was a kid. I stayed on the line and you can actually see black on both cards. Remember kiddos, Stay away from the skeery guillotines and use plain ol' scissors when dismantling your panels.

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