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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mini Mall pt.5 - Cheapie inserts: the Quarter box

More flea market stuff. You'll get sick of this stuff quicker than the Allen & Ginter at this rate. There was a ton of insert boxes lying around: everything from 10 cents a pop, a quarter, 75 cents each, two bucks a card and boxes with 50% to 75% off the ones higher than that. Then there's all the cases full of relics and autos and junk like that. Ain't ya jealous?? I picked out a couple from almost every box, here are the ones I snagged out of the quarter card box:

1997 Pacific Latinos of the Major Leagues Andruw Jones

Pacific had a Latinos insert set for most of their run since they were the Spanish language card producer. These things were 2:37 packs (everything Pacific ever did had crazy odds out of 37 for some reason) and were appropriately gaudy.

2003 Donruss Studio Spirit of the Major Leagues Andruw Jones

Compare this boring crap to some of the Spirit of the Game cards Donruss inserted in their early '90s packs and you know why they have no more license. The boringness is numbered to 578/1250 though, whoopie! I only got it because it was Andruw. Here's hoping he finally found his swing in Texas.

2002 Finest Barry Zito Xfractor

This one was picked up specifically for a certain person in New Mexico. If they already have it, then I have shiny. And good lord this thing is shinier than the freaking sun...

1992 Fleer Rookie Sensations Ivan Rodriguez

Chris Harris did a nice piece on these things a while back and I thought it would be nice to pick one up to show off. There was a ton of them in the box too, but only one of a future Hall of Famer. These were the insert card that kicked off the ZOMGINSERT craze of the '90s. Don't believe me? Think there's no way something that boring could cause a collector freakout? Well, believe this: one of the Phil Plantier Rookie Sensations in the box had this price stuck to the snap case: $33.00!

The cards were 25 cents each or five for a buck, but you'll have to wait for the fifth card.


Andy said...

How many cards in one of those packs of Pacific? 37 is a truly odd number.

I feel my Gintertary subsiding a bit...

dayf said...

This is pure conjecture on my part, but I think the "1 in 37 packs" schtick of Pacific's was a cover their ass thing. Since there was 36 packs in a box, if a given box did not have one of those inserts in it, they could say "Hey, the card must have been in the thirty seventh pack"

I seem to remember if a card was advertised as 1:37 packs it was pretty mugh always found in a hobby box, but if the collation got a little sloppy they were still covered.

Anonymous said...

IMO 91 Gold Leaf Rookies kicked off the insert craze, but those 92 Rookie Sensations were sick. I snagged a Thomas for a buck last year just to write about it.