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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Perfecto and Prizes

No time for Magic tonight. No cardboard pugilism either, sadly.

In lieu of actual content I do have this:

Guess who threw a puehrfecto?

Traded Sets is trying to give away everything he owns in a last ditch shot at sainthood. Pope Bennie must owe him a favor.

Go here to try to win an o-fishal MLB Network hat. With New Era Sticker!!!

Go here to jump in on the 1990 Upper Deck High Series 'Defend the card' contest. We need six more people in the mix, don't make me double up.

Finally, Goose Joak (I still pronounce that as 'joke' in my mind) wants to know which of his creations is the best and he'll give you a chance to win some stuff if you tell him. Don't enter this contest though, I want to win it and you'll muck up my chances.

Oh yeah, the trade deadline is in about a week. If you aren't doing so already, go here to keep up with everything that's going on.

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White Sox Cards said...

Love the intentional spelling.