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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Important poll and assorted A&G stuff

Ok. First things first.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to pick up my box of Allen & Ginter from the hobby shop. However, while I'm there I think I'll pick up a couple of packs of Topps Magic Football just to see what they look like. I will obviously be obsessing over the A&G first, but I will be posting the Magic packs as a palate cleanser in the midst of my Ginter feast. Now, I need your input on something very important:

What song should I post from YouTube to accompany the Magic Football pack?

That Old Black Magic - Louis Prima & Keely Smith
Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf
Magic Man - Heart
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - The Police
Magic Johnson - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Magic America - Blur

If you have a better suggestion, post it tonight and I'll think about it. Any suggestions without "Magic" in the title will be deleted forever. Unless there's an overwhelming concensus I'll put up a poll tomorrow morning so you can vote on it.

Ok, A&G case breakers have been hard at work today and here's some interesting stuff:

Negro Leaguers Willie Williams and Herb Simpson have an autogaph cards in the set. I love this. The more Negro League player autographs there are in packs, the better I like it.

The Ginter Code is going to be a real pain to crack. How do I know this? The code cards are PARALLELS.

Great googely moogely the silk cards look good.

If you haven't checked out the black frame cards yet, do so. They're nice.

Finally Travis sent me this pic of a Jordan Schafer No Numbered mini card:

Holy crap. Topps serial numbered them! Waaaait a minute. This is Travis. He's been known to bamboozle people from time to time. Trust, but verify.

HOLYCRAP! They did number 'em! This is the part where I complain about eBay being PayPal only now. Dammit. Oh well, I'll most likely have a box of my own tomorrow...


MattR said...

"Magic" - Olivia Newton John
"Could it be Magic" - Barry Manilow

Not exactly "ripping" music. :)

night owl said...

Off top of my head:

Strange Magic - ELO
Magic Bus - The Who
Me Wise Magic - Van Halen

zman40 said...

Black Magic- Shooter Jennings

Captain Canuck said...

buy a pack for me! I love football!
oh, and...

A Kind of Magic - Queen

There can be only one!

Alec said...

I like either Heart or the Police, but may I suggest "Magic" by the Cars?

White Sox Cards said...

Black Magic Woman - Fleetwood Mac
Black Magic Woman - Santana
Do You Believe In Magic - Lovin' Spoonful
This Magic Moment - Drifters
Puff The Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul & Mary
Magic - The Cars
You Can Do Magic - America
Magical Mystery Tour - Beatles
A Kind Of Magic - Queen
Magic - Pilot

beardy said...

Magic Man- Heart

klandersen said...

"I Put a spell on you" Screamin' Jay Hawkins
"That Old Black Magic"

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! A Silky Way!! That's awesome.


ernest of canada said...

santana's black magic woman immediately leapt to mind. but i'd have to go with the beatles' magical mystery tour, or the who's magic bus. sounds like a 60's theme here. something from the late 1880's might be historically more appropriate but i have no idea if there were any hit parade songs about magic back then.

Anonymous said...

"Magic Hour" by Pretty Girls Make Graves
"Magical Colors" by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
"Magic Trick" by M. Ward
"Magic Show" by Electric Owls
"The Magic Number" by De La Soul

or maybe something from the band Here We Go Magic..?

madding said...

The Cars!!!

I almost placed a bid on the Dominique card until I saw the shipping was $3. I guess that officially qualifies me as poor right now.

Billy Suter said...

The only song than can be considered for this is Pilot's song "Magic".


Anyone that disagrees... well, I dunno.