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Monday, July 13, 2009

Three quickie contests

It's the All Star break! The festivities! The majesty! The splendor! The really counting this time thing to cover Bud Selig's shrugging ass! The...


I'm sorry folks, I don't give a rat's patoot about this All-Star game. Don't even know why either. All I know is that if The Big Bang Theory isn't on tonight, I'm blowing something up. WITH LASERS.

However.... a lot of you probably don't share my crushing ennnui, so go over to Thorzul Will Rule for live coverage of the festivities and a contest!

That's not all, Punk Rock Paint is, um, well I don't know what the hell he's doing or even if he's still doing it. He's doing something though. You figure it out.

Finally, I seem to have inadvertantly won a contest on Dinged Corners. I wasn't really trying to win it, I just let logic and curiosity get the better of me.


I am holding my own derivitave contest based on their contest. Here's what you havta do:


Now figure out what three cards I covet most in the order that I covet them. Post that guess in the comments.

Now for the trick.. Ever played Mastermind? For every guess made that is incorrect, I'll tell you how close you are. If you have the right card in the wrong spot, I'll give you an O. For every card that is in the correct spot, I'll give you an X.

For example: You guess three cards, #1 is completely wrong, #2 is in the right card in the right spot and #3 is the right card in the wrong spot, I would reply to your guess with an XO. You can keep on guessing, but you can't guess twice in a row or you'll be disqualified and not be allowed to guess again for 24 hours. Got it? Good.

Now guess:

from the cards on that page.

Winner gets something Allen & Gintery.

MrsTooth wins by correctly guessing:

#1 Beethoven Wood card
#2 The Silky Way
#3 YoYo Guy relic

Shoot me an e-mail and we'll work out a Gintery treat for you.

Thanks for playing!


Matt said...

1. Milky Way
2. Ichrio Jersey
3. Bee-toven

dayf said...

Matt: OO

MrsTooth said...

1. Fosbury
2. Beethoven
3. Milky way

dayf said...

MrsTooth: OO

night owl said...

1. Frenchy
2. Milky Way
3. Ludwig Von

Come on, don't you really care about the All-Star Game. Just a little?

MrsTooth said...

This blog is keeping my fix until tomorrow when my boxes arrive, and I'm sure I'm wrong on 3, but here goes anyway:

1. Beethoven
2. Milky Way
3. The horsey card

And I still think the cover art is one of those damned "Team Orange" things from last year...

dayf said...

Night Owl: XO
MrsTooth: XX

I tried watching the HRD and I had to back back back back back back back out of the room slowly. I just don't care and I don't know why.

I looked for all the Team Orange cards from last year and it wasn't one of them. I've seen that guy before though...

mmosley said...

1. beethoven
2. milky way
3. aoki

Captain Canuck said...


Mmmmmm..... Cat...

MrsTooth said...

One more try...
2. Milky Way
3. The YoYo guy. It's just strange enough.

If only I knew where any of my cards were in the moving mess...that guy on the front of this year's box is driving me nutty.

dayf said...

MrsTooth: XXX

#1 Beethoven Wood card
#2 The Silky Way
#3 YoYo Guy relic

dinged corners said...

dayf, well dang, I missed this. :)

You are an evil genius.

Captain Canuck said...

what?! The yo yo guy?? How could it not have been Cat ??? Why I................... MMmmmmmmmmm Cat...

MrsTooth said...

Yippie! Thanks dayf!